Project Description

Case Study-Fresh Griller

Simple Restaurant Scheduling

Fresh-GrillerFresh Griller is a unique restaurant concept that specializes in customizable bowls, wraps and salads made with the most natural, flavorful ingredients they can find. Fresh Griller believes that fresh, seasonal, natural foods made with ingredients that are antioxidant and nutrient-rich deliver the best tastes with bold, addictive flavors. Fresh Griller is best known for their sustainability and high quality ingredients, as well as their contemporary twist on classic sauces and toppings. Located near a busy business center in Orange County, CA, this modern restaurant caters to diners seeking a healthier alternative to fast food restaurants.

Zip Schedules is a suite of business solutions that help small and medium sized restaurants and restaurant chains improve productivity and profitability. Zip Schedules provides restaurant operators with effortless employee scheduling while ensuring labor laws for adults and minors are taken into account during schedule creation. Zip Schedules also includes an employee communication center where employees have access to current and future work schedules and can offer and accept shifts for trade from any device.

“I was so impressed with Zip Schedules that I couldn’t wait to start using it. I’ve never seen a scheduling product that is so easy to use and understand.”

-John Evrard, General Manager

The Problem

Fresh Griller was using spreadsheets that were being copied and pasted from one week to another. Managing time off requests caused problems for the manager because availability requests were not managed well. This resulted in someone who had requested to be off the schedule to be scheduled to work, which then required extra effort from the manager to get the time slot filled at the last minute. To swap a shift, crewmembers had to call everyone on the staff to find someone to fill in. Schedules didn’t take into account labor laws. When the time records got sent to the payroll department, the accountant discovered that some employees had to be paid extra to cover missed required meal breaks. The manager came to hate Thursdays because that was the day he had to write the schedule for the upcoming week.

The Solution

Then Fresh Griller started to use Zip Schedules and everything changed. Employees enter their availability in the Team Center and the manager can see their availability when creating the schedule, minimizing conflicts. If someone requests time off through the Team Center, the manager automatically gets an email so he can respond immediately to the request. The Area Coach, who has been filling in as General Manager, now creates the weekly schedule in less than five minutes. California labor laws are built in to the schedule so mandatory meal breaks aren’t missed. He copies the schedule from a previous week and just makes minor adjustments when necessary. Once he creates and posts the schedule, employees automatically receive their schedule in the Team Center, which they can view from the computer in the store or on their personal tablets or smart phones. “I love the speed of the scheduling system. It’s really easy to create a work schedule, “said Brian Grant, Area Coach at Fresh Griller. He continued, “Our employees like seeing their schedules on their phones, and appreciate being able to swap shifts electronically. It gives them more control over their weekly shifts, and I don’t have to be the middle-man in every shift change conversation.” The newly hired General Manager, Jon Evrard added, “I was so impressed with Zip Schedules that I couldn’t wait to start using it. I’ve never seen a scheduling product that is so easy to use and understand.”