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Whitepaper: Communication in the Workplace

Danielle Richards Danielle Richards

Danielle Richards is the Senior Editor of R|Magazine.

Download the Zip Clock Whitepaper: Manual Time Clocks Lead to Time Theft and Profit Loss!

What people have said about the Communication in the Workplace Whitepaper:

Francisco Barotelli
Francisco Barotelli, Manager, Francisco’s
“As a Manager of a restaurant, I have found that dealing with absences is one of the most frustrating part of the jobs. Zip Schedules would eliminate a number of the problems I face with missing employees each week.”
jessica sanchez
Jessica Sanchez, HR, Sweet Tooth
“This whitepaper explained the true importance of keeping a handle of absenteeism at your establishment. Only now do I truly see the need for a communication platform for employees.”
Markell Knight
Markell Knight, Human Resource Manager, Phoebe’s Café
“I never realized what a difference it would make allowing employees to be responsible for their own schedule. Zip Schedules seems like a fantastic way to ensure no shift goes under (or over) staffed. ”