Project Description

Press Release: Fresh Griller of Orange County, California adds Zip Clock to their Management Menu
Orange County, California
June 29, 2015

Fresh Griller, a fast casual concept with locations in Orange County, California, serves up customized bowls, salads, and wraps made from fresh, wholesome ingredients. Since opening, Fresh Griller has gained diners attention with their attention to detail and superior customer service. As they grew, scheduling a staff became complex. About a year ago, Fresh Griller implemented Zip Schedules, and hasn’t looked back. Fresh Griller already enjoys the many features of Zip Schedules, but recently added the Zip Clock time clock application to their family of stores. Managers are pleased with what Zip Schedules did to their task load, but have found even greater efficiency with the addition of Zip Clock.fresh-griller

Jon Evrard, a general manager at Fresh Griller, does not hesitate to tout the many benefits of Zip Clock. He explains the complexities of the restaurant business, and the many issues managers can have with scheduling. Evrard refers to the concept of “the perfect schedule.” Simply put, he knows the notion of a perfect schedule is unobtainable. Evrard says it so well,

 “You can spend all the time in the world creating the perfect schedule, but life happens. People call in sick, and employees get stuck in traffic. With Zip Clock, we can better manage life’s little mishaps.”

It certainly can be difficult to keep track of which employees may be regularly showing up late, or calling out too often, but with Zip Clock, these complexities are tracked, making managing a restaurant staff that much easier.

Evrard doesn’t hesitate to mention the convenience of Zip Clock’s mobile application. With multiple stores, and labor on a larger scale, it can be difficult to know whether or not everything is running smoothly. Sometimes even managers get stuck in traffic or get tied up at another location. With Zip Schedule’s mobile application, managers can have all the information they need about their staff and scheduling right from their mobile phone.

Evrard explains that at Fresh Griller, they utilize Zip Clock through tablets mounted to the wall with attached biometric readers. He explains,

 “With scanned thumbprints, there’s no more buddy punching. Everyone clocked in is actually working. No more minutes taken here, minutes taken there. And it’s just so easy to clock in.”

Zip Clock also offers reporting tools for things like payroll and performance. Managers can select a timeframe, and quickly see who is approaching overtime, if staff members have been taking their proper breaks, how often a staff member may be showing up late, and if there are any risk of labor law violations.

Evrard put it this way,

“I would recommend Zip Clock to anyone, it holds my team members accountable and proactively warns me if someone is approaching overtime, is routinely late, or if I am at risk for making any labor law violations.”