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The Complete Guide to Timekeeping & Attendance

The following eBook discusses the evolution of timekeeping and attendance, focusing on part-time workers within the restaurant and retail industries. Zip Clock, the web-based timekeeping software is easy to use, mobile, and keeps your labor costs at a minimum. No longer worry about labor law violations, buddy punching, overtime abuse at your place of business.

Danielle Richards Danielle Richards

Danielle Richards is an editor and contributor to RMagazine. Danielle is in charge of coordinating content aimed at the SMB sector, discussing workforce management topics and solutions. She began working for the publication in October of 2014.

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What people have said about the Timekeeping & Attendance eBook

Samantha Wallensack
Calvin Wessley, Manager, Good Times Catering
“As a manager myself, I have learned how important it is for our timekeeping software to be fit for mobile devices. There is no way around the technological advancements in 2015.”
Peggy Holder, HR Manager, Shrimp and Grits
“Human resources departments across the restaurant industry should learn about Zip Clock with this eBook! It has saved our HR professionals thousands of hours of sorting through attendance data. Truly revolutionary!”
Tony Marky
Tony Marky, Owner, Marky’s
“Buddy punching, overtime abuse and milking the clock are all serious issues that drain your business’ bottom line. Zip Clock is a great product to prevent the loss of profits to time theft. Not only does it keep track of employees, it keeps your business on track as well.”