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Danielle Richards Danielle Richards

Danielle Richards is an editor and contributor to RMagazine. Danielle is in charge of coordinating content aimed at the SMB sector, discussing workforce management topics and solutions. She began working for the publication in October of 2014.

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What people have said about the :”The Impact of Effective Scheduling in the Workplace” eBook

Liz Thompson
“The amount of money that can be saved on wasted labor is unbelievable—all you need is to invest in a web-based scheduler like Zip Schedules!”
Ryn Brothers
Ryn Brothers
“I never knew how important it was to have an intuitive communication channel between me (management) and my employees. Since investing in Zip Schedules confusion over schedules or trade swaps have almost disappeared!”
Joe Curtis
Gloria Ratner
“I have NO idea how I was still using excel to put together an employee schedule. The time wasted behind a desk will no longer take away from my other management duties—thanks to Zip Schedules.”