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Zip Clock Whitepaper: Manual Time Clocks Lead to Time Theft and Profit Loss

The following whitepaper, presented to you by Zip Clock, discusses the issue of time theft and...Read more

Restaurant Time Theft: The True Cost

Employee theft is defined as any stealing, use or misuse of an employer's assets without permission. This includes, but is not limited to, stealing money, time...Read more

Time Theft

The eBook discusses the issue of employee time theft. In hopes to educate and inform readers on the importance of a web based time clock, this eBook utilizes Zip Clock as an example...Read more

How to Improve Internal Communication

In a world where digital technology can both help and hinder employee interactions. There's an intrinsic need to address how to ensure excellence ...Read more

The Impact of Effective Scheduling in the Workplace

The eBook discusses the importance of using a web-based scheduling application in the year 2015. The purpose...Read more

Business App for iPhone and Android

The Small Business Guide to Employee Management

Employees are a business’s single, most valuable and essential asset. Learn the key elements of employee management...Read more

Recruit to Retain

The eBook “Recruit to Retain” is an analysis into the best practices involved in recruiting the best talent for your workforce. Focused on restaurant and retail employees...Read more

Fresh Griller Press Release Costa Mesa, CA 11/20/2014

Zip Schedules, a restaurant-scheduling tool, caters to small and medium sized businesses, improving their profitability and productivity...Read more

Communication in the Workplace

Ask any restaurant manager what they appreciate most in an employee, and they will likely rattle off dependability at the top of their list of expectations. Having...Read more

Case Study-Fresh Griller

Fresh Griller is a unique restaurant concept that specializes in customizable bowls, wraps and salads made with the most natural, flavorful ingredients...Read more

Absenteeism: Employee Absence Management

Absenteeism in the restaurant industry is unique when compared to the absenteeism that is seen in other professional industries. In fact, absenteeism...Read more

The Complete Guide to Timekeeping & Attendance

The following eBook discusses the evolution of timekeeping and attendance, focusing on part-time workers within the restaurant...Read more