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An Easier Way to Manage Employee Time Clocking

Zip POS Reports aggregates business information from a pre-existing POS system to create standardized reports. It provides all the appropriate levels of data to identify trends and patterns of information regarding how your business is doing. Zip POS Reports allows managers to access the information they need on an as-needed basis without requiring them to learn complex processes or input complex formulas. Receive actionable information at your fingertips!

Key Features:

  • Real-time Ad-hoc Reporting
  • All-Level Data Analysis
  • Central Data Repository
  • Data Recovery
  • Mobile Apps for iOS and Android


  • It’s FREE
  • Stress free deployment
  • No learning curve
  • Complex information presented in a simple, comprehensive way
  • Accessible from desktop, smart phone, or tablet devices
  • Gain information needed to grow your business


Fast and Easy Setup

Our software will automatically hook up to your POS system and take care of all the nitty -gritty steps so you can get your system set up within minutes. Start receiving your reports on the day you set up so you can make necessary business decisions before it’s too late.


All-Level Data Analysis

Zip POS Reports provides for your needs with all levels of data. Get hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports. These reports are filtered by the following categories: Net Sales, Guest Count, Transactions, Labor, Check Average and Sales per Labor Hour. Being able to access all of these different levels of data provides a dimensional view of sales and transaction activity, which gives you the edge needed to identify trends and make comparisons.

Central Data Repository

With Zip POS Reports storing all your data at a central repository in a cloud server, you are able to recover the data during unfortunate data loss.


Data Recovery

With Zip POS Reports storing all your data at a central repository in a cloud server, you are able to recover the data during unfortunate data loss.

Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android

Zip POS Reports has a free mobile app for both iPhone and Android so you can see your POS reports on the go. See real-time status updates for your stores directly from your smartphone or tablet.



Rachel Smith
It’s free and productive
I was very impressed with Zip POS Reports. Initially, I was always afraid of data analytics, but the software presents the information in a very friendly way. It is easy to understand the data, and it makes data analysis stress-free.
Jon Evrard
Perfect data presentation
Zip POS Reports helped me to convert complex historical data into smarter data by generating reports that are easy to understand. These reports help me see the status of my business so that I can take the proper action to improve it.


  • 1

    What is Zip POS Reports for?

    Zip POS Reports’s purpose is to provide you with insightful reports to help you take appropriate action for your business. You just need to integrate a POS machine with the Zip POS Reports software, which we help you with.

  • 2

    Why is it free?

    We understand that software can be expensive and unaffordable for small and medium sized businesses. We want to give you something that does not need a credit card, signed contract, or hidden fees. And if you like what we have to offer here, we would like you to check out our other products.

  • 3

    Are there any hidden costs?

    No. There are no hidden costs with Zip POS Reports.

  • 4

    Do I have to sign a contract?

    No. Zip POS Reports is a free service that does not require a signed contract. You can end your subscription anytime.

  • 5

    How does the free trial work?

    Zip POS Reports doesn’t have a free trial because it is already free.

  • 6

    Is there an additional charge for your iPhone or Android apps?

    No. There are no hidden costs with Zip POS Reports. All your managers and employees can enjoy our iPhone and Android apps for no additional cost. All they have to do is get the app from iTunes or Google Play.

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