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Digital Task Management Software

Successfully use a task management software

Successful people know that for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. Especially the owners of both small and medium-sized businesses are well aware of this simple truth that keeps them ahead of the game. Considering that the planning is the key of well performed job, the Digital Task Management Software became the main tool of any business operator nowadays. So, if you are still using the old-fashioned handwritten checklists, probably it’s about time to reconsider your old habits in order to improve your business as well as increase your productivity.

What is Zip Checklist?

Zip Checklist is the modern, professional Employee Task Management Software that strikes its customers with simplicity, flexibility, and affordability. Being the Online Digital Task Management Software and To Do List Manager, Zip Checklist is a real life-saver for SMB operators, who need to control their employees, create tasks online and track the progress. Simply saying, this cloud-based digital task manager is the smartest and easiest way to manage and monitor tasks online without any bulky software. Access Zip Checklist from any browser or mobile device, download the free app to be always connected and get the first 30 days free to try all the amazing features of this smart software!

With Zip Checklist you can-

1. Delegate, schedule and assign tasks

Getting the numerous routine tasks done in time is what keeps the business running. Start with professionally-designed templates, create your own lists, and keep track of the necessary tasks online. Moreover, you will be able to schedule the tasks to recur regularly and add the special one-time, last-minute events. In addition, you can assign the tasks to specific employees with Zip Checklist! How can it be easier?

2. Manage your checklist anytime

To-do lists may change anytime, especially if you discovered an unexpected, last-minute task that needs your attention as soon as possible. Obviously, you can’t update the lists of all your employees immediately when using the manual handwritten lists of tasks and this is when the online software comes in handy. With Zip Checklist, you can update the list of task anytime and from any device to ensure that nothing will be overlooked and all members of your team have the latest, up-to-date version.

3. Monitor the progress

No matter where you are – with Zip Checklist, you can monitor completion of tasks at any location! While the employees mark the tasks as completed and even leave the follow-up comments, you can assess the dynamic checklist from any device that has the Internet connection and keep in touch with your team 24/7.

4. Keep a record of task completion

Access the full list of task that were completed yesterday or a year ago to monitor the productivity of your company.

5. Make the Task Management easier than ever before

Since Zip Checklist is paperless, affordable, cloud-based solution in the palm of your hand, Task Management is going to be easier than ever! Back in time, managers faced certain challenges, such as adding the last-minute task to the handwritten list, or finding more copies. Nowadays, the managers do not necessarily encounter such problems if they use this smart online helper to delegate, add, delete, and schedule tasks. Everything will take less than five minutes!

Discover the simplicity of the online task management with Zip Checklist

Join the thousands of unit operators who already discovered the amazing features of the digital task managers that make their work easier. Save your time, improve your task management, and stay connected 24/7 using Zip Checklist, the easiest web-based daily task management system available to SMB operators nowadays.