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Does Your To Do List Make You Less Productive?

Make Your Business More Effecient and Productive with this To-Do List

For the past few years, everyone - from housewives to businessmen - started to create To-do lists on a daily basis. Checklists are everywhere now- you can create them at work, plan your leisure time by creating a list, or you can use your record keeper to list your goals for the next year. Not long ago, psychologists got interested in this popular trend and studied how these lists affect not only our productivity but also our mood and lifestyle. As a result, they discovered the rules of perfect To-do lists and explained how poorly written lists can make you even more lazy. By following these easy tips with Zip Checklist you can learn how to avoid creating useless lists that instead of helping you only increase procrastination.

How Your To-Do Lists Make You Less Productive?

Do you remember a day which you started with a long list of tasks? You were very productive and crossed the items off your list one by one the whole day. However, by the end of it, you discovered that you spent your whole day doing small things that didn't really matter. Your big goals stayed untouched, but you were busy and worked hard the whole day. Does it sound familiar?

This is when creating a list using your record keeping software is just another way to avoid serious tasks that you can't finish in a matter of minutes.  Procrastination in society is getting worse and scientists now tend to blame not only Web-surfing, TV, cellphones, and video games, but also a trend of creating to-do lists.

When you begin with a wrong list, you just put important tasks aside focusing on easy and pleasant tasks instead. On the surface, you look quite busy and focused. But in fact, you just avoid the hard tasks and create a feeling that you are productive to fool everyone around, including you. How to change your old habits and start creating useful lists? Zip Checklist, the premium record keeper for managers and entrepreneurs, knows the answers.

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Make a Flow Chart

Create a list that tells you when to start and when you'll be finished. This piece of advice from life coach Neil Fiore, author of The Now Habit, helped thousands of businessmen already, since it teaches you that each item on the list should have a priority assigned to it. Then try this- spend a few hours on a number-one priority item, and then you can "reward" yourself by doing something easier and lower-priority.

Break It Down

Make it easier for you to accomplish everyday goals by breaking them down into much smaller parts composed of specific activities. When you also list specific actions and subgoals, you make your list longer, but much easier to understand.

Stay Focused

Lists created with your record keeper help you to maintain focus. If you are a person who can be easily distracted, set a timer and stay concentrated on the task for one hour straight without checking your Facebook feed, texting your partner, etc. Then, you can take a break, relax, and set a timer again. This works like a charm and help you to finally get everything done.

Now, when you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to do a list of tasks, you can start using your employee record keeping app in the most effective way possible. To achieve better results, all you need is to plan wisely and stay focused on work. Zip Checklist, your new favorite record organizing app, can help you with everything else.

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