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Employee of the Month | Let Your Schedule Planner Pick

Employee Of The Month

The coveted 'employee of the month.' Often, the decision comes after some period where a single employee demonstrates exceptional character or work ethic. Sometimes, it isn’t so easy. In this article, we’ll discuss how to make the call with help from a schedule planner.

'Employee of the Month.' This is a phrase that can either delight or terrifies team members, depending on which side of the productivity spectrum they find themselves on. For those who are confident that they put in a reasonable amount of work and always do the best that they can, there is very little to fear except someone else merely doing even better than they’ve done in the last 30 days. For those who are skirting by doing the bare minimum to earn their paychecks and then going home at the end of the day, the phrase may not be as uplifting. Regardless, it remains a fixture in many a restaurant and business across the globe.


For administrators, the phrase can be a bit more daunting. They are out of the running for the certification, sure, but their job, as such, becomes more difficult. It is up to them to make the selection of who gets the employee of the month reward and who doesn’t. In most cases, this isn’t a dramatically tricky decision to make. Often, the decision makes itself apparent after an employee demonstrates some exceptional character trait or degree of work ethic, or otherwise shines above their peers. There are, however, occasions where it isn’t so simple.

In those situations, administrators must go through and evaluate the performance of each team member, compare them all, and then make their employee of the month decision based on the information. It can be tedious at best, and stressful at worst, but ultimately amounts to a higher degree of work then is, in fact, necessary for the employee of the month certification to be administered. There is what you might call a 'life hack' that will help you, as the administrator, get around a big chunk of the work involved in this process, and it isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at this life hack, and explain how it can be used to weed out a significant number of employees based on one singular variable. We’ll describe why this is an excellent way to go about things and ultimately hope to have you convinced that selecting your next employee of the month will be an infinitely easier process than it has been in months past.

What is This 'Life Hack'?

The 'life hack' in here is something that you are already likely interacting with on a day-to-day basis in your administrative efforts. What is it? Simple: your scheduling management system or scheduled planner. I know what you’re thinking, that sounds too easy, too straightforward; there has to be something more to it, doesn’t there? Well, technically there is another step or two, which we’ll discuss in the next section, but for now, just understand that you can use your scheduling system and the information therein to make your employee of the month decision far simpler.

How Can This Be Useful?

Think, for just a second, about what information you can acquire from your scheduling management system. We’ll wait….got it yet? Did you say 'employee attendance?' Correct! This system allows you access to the employee attendance records for your restaurant, meaning you can see who was on the schedule for a given day and whether or not they showed up for work. You see what we’re getting at?

By being able to access this information, you can keep track of, in some sense anyway, your employee engagement. This can be incredibly useful for determining who gets the recognition certificate because you will be able to weed out from your list of possibilities those with abysmal attendance. If an employee has a large number of callouts in a given month, then chances are unless they’ve done something absurdly unique or impressive during the time they were at work, they likely didn’t do enough to warrant them being the recipient of the award. Using this method can save you valuable time when it comes to assessing employee performance, useful both for the employee of the month certification and for your other performance reviews as well.

There you have it

Our look at our method for streamlining your employee of the month certification selection process with the help of a schedule planner. While we’re on the subject of the employee of the month, though, it is worth pointing out that this system of recognition is not for every business. If you’re uncertain about whether or not it is helping your business and employee relations or hurting it, then take a look at this article we wrote on the subject of eliminating this scheme from your business entirely at the following link.