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Is Staff Scheduling Software Really Worth Your Time and Money?

Staff Scheduling Software

If you are a business owner or manager, there is a very high chance that you already know what staff scheduling software is. Perhaps you are wondering whether this kind of software is really worth your time and money seeing that most manual scheduling methods such as paper and pen and excel spreadsheets cost little or nothing.

What you probably don’t know is that while manual scheduling is way cheaper than staff scheduling software, you are missing out on some very important benefits that only scheduling software can provide.

Some of the benefits we are talking about here include the following.

Staff Scheduling Software Saves Time And Money

Creating employee schedules is a part of every manager’s job. Unfortunately, it is not always an easy job, especially because it happens to be one of the most time-consuming tasks a manager handles. If you have noticed that you spend most of your time creating and updating schedules, then its time you ditched your current scheduling method because it is evidently not working as it should.

Staff scheduling software can perform the same scheduling tasks that take you forever to complete in a matter of minutes or seconds leaving you with more time to improve your productivity. This kind of software can also update schedules automatically based on the current situation. As you know, schedules can change daily or even hourly which can be very distressing if you are still stuck with Excel as your only means of employee scheduling.

Staff Scheduling Software Sends Automatic Notifications To Employees

Whenever you update a schedule due to one reason or another, are you forced to make constant phone calls or send frantic emails trying to notify employees of their new schedules? What if when you need to notify them of upcoming trainings, important meetings, and other updates?

With staff scheduling software, automatic notifications will be sent to employee’s mobile phones and email whenever the need arises. They will be able to view updated schedules through the mobile app and also ask any questions they might have concerning the updates. In the very same way, they will be able to book open shifts, swap shifts, and make requests through their mobile phones.

Staff Scheduling Software Calculates Overstaffing And Understaffing

Unlike staff scheduling software , Excel spreadsheets and paper-based employee scheduling methods do not calculate understaffing and overstaffing. Understaffing and overstaffing can cause unnecessary spending that can be spotted and avoided with scheduling software.

Staff Scheduling Software Tracks Overtime, Sick Days, Vacation Days And Absences Automatically

The information that Excel spreadsheets provide is limited and in some cases it is not dependable. With this in mind, it can be a bit difficult to track important information such as overtime and absences without staff scheduling software. Excel lacks most capabilities that are very important in today’s world including the potential to set up preferences and rules that can control costs.

Staff Scheduling Software Gets Rid Of Human Error

Manual scheduling methods are extremely vulnerable to mistakes and errors. If you still use Excel spreadsheets, then you understand what we are talking about perfectly. If you constantly have to deal with entry mistakes, then it’s about time you invested in a good scheduling tool. In addition to mistakes and errors, Excel spreadsheets can be corrupted intentionally or unintentionally.

Staff Scheduling Software Always Remembers Employee Requests And Preferences

Also, if you find yourself constantly forgetting or misplacing employee requests, chances are that you always schedule employees for days or shifts they can’t work. To an inexperienced person, this might seem like a simple thing, but an experienced manager knows that it can cause major setbacks that can even take days to resolve.

Forgetting employee requests, which is an unavoidable mistake, can also affect employee morale negatively, customer satisfaction, and business reputation.

Staff scheduling software will not only organize employee requests, it will also help reduce unnecessary costs that are usually overlooked, such as overtime.

In conclusion, managing employees without the help of a dependable solution, such as staff scheduling software, can lead to huge financial losses. If you are yet to implement such a tool, imagine all the time you could have saved over the years if you were not scheduling employees manually.

Scheduling software is easy to use and it will even allow you to drag and drop employees over a user-friendly interface to enable you to save even more time. Doing so will automatically update the schedule and all affected parties will receive notifications in regards to their new schedules.