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Small Business Scheduling Software

Business Scheduling Software

Fully-featured easy-to-use employee scheduling software for your small to medium-sized business that simplifies the way you schedule.

If you are shopping for staff scheduling software for a small to medium sized business, regardless of the industry, Zip Schedules is the way to go. This is because we understand perfectly well that the success of a business depends on effective shift planning, especially when it comes to small – medium sized businesses.

Employees are a major resource to any business, and it is therefore important to put extra effort so as to ensure that employee scheduling is done effectively. Each and every staff member should understand his or her responsibilities clearly for a schedule to be effective. Fortunately, employee scheduling can become easier and very effective through a small business scheduling software and app such as Zip Schedules.

With our scheduler, staff members will be able to see how different shifts and responsibilities have been assigned, and the number of people required to perform a particular task.

What else is our small business scheduling software and app able to offer?

Other than offering a simpler or easier way to generate clear and manageable schedules, our software comes with Zip Schedules mobile scheduling app, a component that will allow the manager or management team and the employees to do the following-

All team members will be able to view their current and future schedules anytime.
Employees will be able to change their availability via the app, and this will reduce or completely eradicate scheduling disputes and absenteeism.
Managers will be able to offer available shifts via the mobile app and avoid breaking common minor and adult labor laws.
Managers will be able to send urgent messages via email or text.
Employees will be able to trade shifts with other staff members and it will be up to the manager to accept a shift trade or not.
Employees will be able to request time off via the app.
Employees will be able to communicate with the manager or other employees via the app.

Small Business Scheduling Software and App

Zip Schedules is a cloud-based application and this offers several benefits to a small to medium sized business (SMB). For starters, cloud-based employee scheduling software programs are easy to use and offer great and extensive features. For example, it is not necessary to download large files in order to use such a tool; a URL is all you need to start scheduling your employees. Also, your employees get to access the application through their mobile phones for free wherever they might be.

To get started with our small business scheduling software and app, go to our site where you will find a free trial offer. Create a login and password and follow the instructions given to create your site. You will be presented with an option to select and enforce the labor laws that apply to your state. Next, enter some jobs or responsibilities, enter the names of your staff members and you are ready to start scheduling.