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Best Ted Talks for Young Entrepreneurs and Small Business

TED Talks have been known to be life-changing experiences for the speakers, the viewers, and the listeners of various TED talks throughout the years. This is especially true in the case of entrepreneurs and small business owners who can gain knowledge, inspiration, and motivation from some of the bed TED talks for entrepreneurs.

Specific things to look for when searching for some of the most inspirational , best TED talks for entrepreneurs is to look at both the speaker's background and the topic at which they're discussing. Below are 10 of the best TED talks from inspirational people in the business world that have been highly rated among the general public and online reviewers.

How to Find Work You Love – Scott Dinsmore

1. In this TED talk, Scott Dinsmore shares about his experience with quitting a job he hated going to each day and finding work that also helped support himself. The creator of Liver Your Legend, Dinsmore's speech has received over 3.5 million views to date since airing in 2012.

2. Viewers can gain knowledge and inspiration by Dinsmore's TED talk along with get some tips to get started on their own entrepreneurial journey.

The Single Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed – Bill Gross

1. Bill Gross is the founder of several start-ups and has learned what makes start-up businesses fail and why many others succeed. After years of gathering data from hundreds of companies, Gross has now provided viewers of his TED talk with some of the most important things he learned, including the number one trait of successful startup companies.

2. To date, his speech has received over 2.5 million views since airing in 2015.

How to Run a Company With (Almost) No Start-Up Costs – Ricardo Semler

1. Ricardo Semler is a Brazilian CEO and knows a thing or two about business and startup success, especially when it comes to finances, or better yet, lack thereof. Semier challenges the way most organizations run, (even schools), through this speech and encourages listeners to think outside the box when it comes to formulating a successful start-up.

2. As one of the best TED talks for entrepreneurs, Semier's speech has received over 2 million views since airing in late 2015—quite a feat for such a small range of time, especially in a highly demographic society.

The Surprising Habit of Original Thinkers- Adam Grant

1. Originality is a remarkable trait among young entrepreneurs and small business owners, which is why Adam Grant's speech on original thinking is one of the best TED talks any entrepreneur can benefit from.

2. Since airing in February 2016, Grant's TED talk has already received over 4 million views! Which isn't that surprising when you consider that startups and entrepreneurs are thriving now more than ever thanks to original and creative concepts that are changing the way people provide for themselves.

3. In this speech, Grant gives insight on how to come up with great ideas, what determines a good idea from a bad one, and what makes creative, original ideas turn into a profitable business.

How to Manage Collective Creativity – Linda Hill

1. Speaking of creativity and originality, what makes a person successfully creative? In this speech, Linda Hill shows you how and exactly how to tap into your own creativity regarding business and entrepreneurship.

2. Linda is a Harvard professor and a co-author of "Collective Genius" which features some of the world's most creative and successful startups, and now she is sharing what she has learned with the public in this remarkable TED talk.

3. Linda's speech aired in September 2014 and is nearing 2 million views to date.

Two Reasons Companies Fail and How to Avoid Them – Knut Haanaes

1. If you've watched the speeches above, you already have a good idea of what it takes to be successful in business regarding entrepreneurship. But what about failure? What makes some businesses doomed for failure or how do successful businesses get on the path towards business failure?

2. Knut Haanaes provides insight to business failure and how to prevent it in this TED talk which he gave in June 2015.

3. Haanaes' talk is one of the best TED talks to date because he doesn't just share what it takes to make a business work, but also what it takes to make one that doesn't break too. His TED talk has already nearly 1.5 million views just over a year since it aired.

3 Lessons on Success from An Arab Businesswoman

1. Leila Hoteit is an Arab woman who knows what it's like to juggle more responsibilities than most men ever think about having to deal with.

2. She also knows what it's like to face cultural struggles and what it feels like to be an outcast in the business world, not just as a woman but also as an Arabic woman.

3. Now Lelia shares what it takes to be a successful business owner as a woman or a person coming from an ethnic background. But anyone can gain insight from Leila's TED talk, which is why it's likely one of the best TED talks of 2016 with already over 1 million views since airing in May of 2016.

3 Stories of Local-Eco Entrepreneurship – Majora Carter

1. Local businesses are now one of the most successful areas of entrepreneurship all over the world. Due to financial, cultural, and environmental factors, young entrepreneurs and small business owners are finding hope and success by getting success closer to home.

2. Majora Carter has insight for anyone looking to gain the benefits of what a local business can provide for entrepreneurs, and how that can benefit not just the business owner but also the environment in which that business will ultimately succeed.

3. And although her speech doesn't have as many views as some of the others speeches shared here, the three stories that Majora shares on small businesses and locality are inspiring enough to be considered one of the best TED talks given for businesses of all time.

How to Make Work-Life Balance Work – Nigel Marsh

1. Nigel Marsh is an author and marketer who writes on business and personal life. His TED talk given on business and work-life balance has received over 3 million views since airing in 2010.

2. Marsh tells us that we can't rely on our employers to provide us with work-life balance, we've got to create it ourselves.

3. Learn what you need to know about creating work-life balance in your own company for optimal productivity, how it can benefit your employers and yourself, and how all of that can make you and your business more successful for the long-run.

How to Succeed? Get More Sleep – Arianna Huffington

1. We all know who Arianna Huffington is; the creator of The Huffington Post and a best-selling author, Arianna is a powerhouse in the field of entrepreneurship. But what many people may not know is just how much Huffington has suffered in regards to her health due to her success in the business world.

2. Arianna suffered a huge health crisis when her level of wellness took a nosedive due to a lack of sleep because she worked so much. Arianna has written a book on the power of sleep and why we need it more than we think.

3. Now she gives some of her top tips for business success in her TED talk on why sleep is so important for the business owner, especially entrepreneurs and small business owners who may have to put in more hours than someone working a standard 9-5 job.

4. To date, her speech has received over 3.5 million views since airing in 2010.

To see more TED Talks on business topics and more, visit the TED talk website and explore the many options to see what you would consider the best TED talks to be for your business journey.