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11 Tips for Time Management in The Office

Office Time Management

Are you normally late or punctual? Are you able to finish the tasks in hand on time or not? Do you find managing your time hard in office? Are you facing issues in time management ?

Honest answers to the above questions can help identify if you are struggling with managing your time and there is something wrong in the ways you handle things. No worries!! We are here to help you out and provide a list of things you can change or adopt to have a better sense of time. Here are some time management tips for those who really try to be on time.

Prepare Daily Plan

Planning is always a better option in hand. So before starting your work, ensure you create a daily plan and keep it handy all the time. This is the best technique of time management, as you will know what to do during the whole day.

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Divide the Time

Divide your time among the tasks with some added buffer. So that's how you will know what work should be finished by when. The added buffer is for the things such as surprise meeting, talks, bathroom breaks, etc.

Utilize Calendar

Using a calendar is not a bad option. It will keep you updated about your deadlines and will avoid the work to be delayed. It will be better if you sync your office calendar in your phone with some alert tones. That will facilitate you remembering the tasks easily.


Technology is growing and making use of it can prove to be effective in time management. Using an organizer or time clock software can take a lot load from your hands and can help you in managing the tasks more efficiently.

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Know Deadlines

Before starting the work, make sure you know your deadlines for the task. More better decrease a day or two as a buffer for unwanted situations. This way your work will get completed before the deadline and will show your efficiency.

Say NO

If you can't handle some work due to the existing ones then learn to say no, because saying yes and not doing is more wrong then not saying yes at all. Find a polite way to say no though.


Keep a clock nearby you; don't depend on the side clocks on the laptops or desktops, as it is noticed that while working people forget to keep an eye on time. This way you will be aware about your speed or how to handle the task in time.

Set Reminders

Set the reminder to 15-20 minutes before the time of meeting or completion of task as it will help you remain vigilant and will give you enough time to have a thorough look on the work or to prepare and start meeting on time.

Do Multitasking

Most time management tips ask for multitasking, however, it is not feasible for every kind of work. So, if your's need focus and concentration then don't try to do multitasking, keep your attention at one task at a time.

Set your Priorities

Prioritize your work and start with the high priority task first. Create a list with three categories namely high priority, medium priority and low priority and work in the similar flow to get the results on time.

Delegate Effectively

Delegating the work is not wrong until you give away all. Try to learn the art of delegation and distribute the work fairly with realistic time line. That way the work will be completed within no time.

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