Last Updated On June 05, 2017 / Written By Daphne Blake

5 Ways to Manage Employees Who Are Hard To Manage

Manage Employee With Zip Checklist

The wise business owners don't need to struggle to organize, motivate, and lead their employees. Instead, all it takes to be a true leader is to inspire your workers by your own example. Since the level of motivation of your team directly depends on you, here is the only management strategy you'll ever need – stay focused and organized no matter what. How is it even possible? It's easy to plan ahead and be always on time with Zip Checklist – the best staff task scheduler available for unit operators and business owners who care about their employees. Do you work with people who are hard to manage? Zip Checklist may be the best solution for improving your teamwork in the workplace and here is why.

Stop selling, start solving

From now on try to make it a new habit, stop selling your employees why they should work better, show it instead. The task scheduler manager will demonstrate to employees how their contributions help solve problems and why his or her work matters. In this way, even the most unmotivated employee will start to try harder – thanks to the visualized goals, convenient dashboard, and detailed comments of the employer they can read in real time.

Show them the results

It's a proven fact that people perform better when they can see the results of their work. Show your team the outcome of their collected efforts using the employee task scheduler that collects all the data and enables each employee to access all the finished projects and tasks online.

Embrace innovations

In the 21st century, almost everyone has a smartphone, laptop, tablets, etc. This supports greatly the freelance culture – the simple idea that the successful business is not about the large office space, big budget, or regular meetings. Today, if you have skills and the Internet connection, you have everything you need to achieve your business goals. Since the average person spends more time online than sleeping, you can take an advantage of this and provide each worker with a mobile app so you can reach them anytime. Moreover, by providing your employees the modern resources to be innovative in their work, you broad their horizons and improve the productivity in the workplace.

Be responsible and take care of each employee

Take care of each member of the team so no one will face the challenges of the project alone. Let your employees know that if they encounter some problems while working on the project, they can always reach you by posting the online comment or writing directly to you in the task checklist software you use. Also, schedule all the tasks and manage the shifts keeping in mind the interests of each worker. Moreover, when you think that someone may be behind the schedule or forget about the tasks, you can always contact him or her in no time to remind or help.

Be respectful and work as a team

The experienced entrepreneurs know that a great team is built on respect. That's why it's better not to treat your employees as assets, instead try to build a team that works hard on the similar goals; a team, where everyone respects each other's opinion and work together for the best results possible. And when you need the suitable tool to unite your workers, try Zip Checklist, a perfect platform where everyone has equal rights and place to share, listen, and experiment together.