Last Updated On February 19, 2019 / Written By Caroline Sams

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Solutions to Restaurant Turnover

Reading about the consequences of restaurant turnover might make you nervous, but our goal isn’t to leave you in despair. Fortunately, there are ways to combat turnover, and we’re sharing them with you.

Make the Right Hiring Decisions

One of the most common mistakes that restaurateurs make is to hire based on experience (or even just availability) rather than values. However, when you hire someone whose values don’t match those of your restaurant and your team, no amount of experience or training will make them a good fit. When employees feel out of place at work, they are unhappy and will quit.

Track Employee Engagement

Using an employee engagement tool like 7shifts allows you to gather shift feedback from employees and see whose performance has declined. If you notice that an employee is less engaged than usual, you can meet with them and ask them what kind of support they need from you.

Hire Proactively

Restaurant employees don’t always give the standard two-weeks notice that’s expected in the corporate world. With little to no notice, restaurateurs often don’t have enough time to make a smart hiring decision, so they hire the first qualified person they can find, rather than someone who would be an excellent fit for the role and team culture.

Turnover is Inevitable—But You Can Help Curb it

Turnover is a pervasive problem in the restaurant industry. Unfortunately, turnover creates more turnover. People usually quit without giving much notice, which forces restaurateurs to hire quickly. Haste results in hiring people who don’t fit with the company culture and therefore quit less than two months after being hired, leaving restaurateurs to start the hiring process once again.