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Manual data entry is time consuming and creates problems with erroneous entries. With AnyConnector, all of your applications are integrated, so on more duplicate data entry ino your applications. With AnyConnector everything works better because everything works together.

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Start cutting costs and using your apps more effectively by integrating the apps you use

smb business management jon evard
"With AnyConnector, I can manage my employee information from Zip Schedules and it show up in Zip Schedules. It simplifies the process of hiring new employees by letting me enter his or her information in a single application and AnyConnector pushes the data to all of my other apps. Whenever an employee updates their email, phone number, or any other info, AnyConnector automatically updates the info so my data is accurate."

— John Evard

Fresh Griller
Fullerton, CA
smb business management david markwell
"Processing payroll before we started using AnyConnector was a nightmare. Before AnyConnector, I had to export all of the time punches then import all of the time punches then import them in to Zip Clock. Not only was this time consuming, I would constantly run into problems with mismatched employees' time punche data every week when we finalize the payroll in Zip Clock. The data always matches and it saves me so much time!"

— David Markwell

Famous Dave's'
Costa Mesa, CA
smb business management tony yeller
"Tracking and controlling my food costs was always tedious and time consuming. With AnyConnector and Zip Inventory, I am able to proactively take control of my food costs. AnyConnector allows my sales data (meenu mix) to be readily available from Zip Inventory. Now, I have real time, actionable information, so I can easily identify and prevent high variance items and waste events."

— Tony Yeller

Dallas, TX

Integrating the applications you use has never been so easy. Sign Up and see what integrations you might be missing out.

App Integration Software

Don't let your software control you.

integrate to your pos

Integrate to your POS!

Track variance with menu mix data and Zip Inventory. Get Sales data for reporting.
Forecast more accurately and precisely than ever before.
- Schedule your staff more effectively than ever before.
- Order more effectively and avoid spoilage.

integrate with your payroll software

Integrate with your Payroll Software!

Add and update employee data in one spot.
No more tedious data entry for adding employee time punches.
No more downloading and uploading CSVs across your apps to process payroll.

integrate with your onboarding hr software

Integrate with your Onboarding/HR Software

Create new employees in one spot, one time.
Easily manage turnover across your applications.
Manage employee certifications and job codes for all of your employees.

integrate with your food supplier

Integrate with your Food Suppliers!

Send POs directly to your suppliers and handle any discrepancies with your orders.
Have access to up-to-date pricing information from your suppliers.
Monitor ingredient-pricing trends.

Integrating the applications you use has never been so easy. Sign Up and see what integrations you might be missing out.

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