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Chloe Henderson

Chloe received a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication from Ashford University and is currently a digital content creator for Hubworks. In her free time, she enjoys acting, writing, and spending time with family.

9 Strategies for Small Business Growth

Small business growth involves strategic planning, as startups need to find a way to create or penetrate new markets that are already saturated by larger corporations.
9 strategies for small business growth

How to Conduct a Target Market Analysis 7 Steps

A target market analysis evaluates potential consumers by pinpointing similar characteristics so businesses can finetune their marketing and product development strategies.
how to conduct a target market analysis 7 steps

7 Steps of the New Product Forecasting Process

By establishing a new product forecasting process, businesses can project the demand, manufacturing needs, and other requirements of a product launch without any historical sales data.
7 steps of the new product forecasting process

Why Every Small Business Should Have a Gift Card Program

Establishing a gift card program ensures that cash flow stays within a business, promoting rapid inventory turnover and customer retention.
why every small business should have a gift card program

7 Types of POS Analytics Every Business Needs

Businesses that implement point-of-sale software can access POS analytics to assess their inventory, employee, marketing, and customer management strategies.
7 types of pos analytics every business needs

3 Key Elements of Inventory Optimization- Checklist for Businesses

By achieving inventory optimization, organizations can limit the stock they keep on-hand to minimize storage costs and promote profitability.
3 key elements of inventory optimization checklist for businesses

10 Unique Holiday Promotions for Small Businesses

Holiday promotions give businesses the opportunity to capitalize on consumers' excitement for national holidays to promote sales and revenue.
10 unique holiday promotions for small businesses

What is Production Planning? 5 Steps For Optimized Workflow

Product planning enables manufacturers to prepare their internal processes, inventory management, and resources to fulfill future customer demand.
what is production planning 5 steps for optimized workflow

5 Components of Successful Franchise Management

With proper franchise management, companies can sustain long-term symbiotic partnerships to sustain brand growth and profitability.
5 components of successful franchise management

Small Business Technology- 10 Tools to Utilize Today

Small business technology enhances a company's business intelligence with modern functions that streamline internal operations while improving customer experience.
small business technology 10 tools to utilize today

4 Types of Consumer Purchasing Behavior and What Drives Them

Consumer purchasing behavior segments customers into different groups based on the unique criteria they use to buy a product.
4 types of consumer purchasing behavior and what drives them