Mary Kate Morrow

Mary Kate Morrow is a writer, editor, and social media professional currently employed as a Digital Content Writer at Altametrics. She previously graduated with both a Bachelors degree in English Language and Literature and a Bachelors degree in Gender Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles.

How to Terminate an Absentee Employee

Terminating an employee for excessive absenteeism is not a pleasant experience for anyone involved but best practice tips can be applied to decrease discomfort and facilitate the termination process.
how to terminate an absentee employee

What to Know About Demand Generation Marketing

Demand generation marketing is a great option for unifying marketing teams and sales teams.
what to know about demand generation marketing

4 Tips on How to Communicate Effectively at Work

Understanding how to communicate effectively at work is essential for long term business success.
4 tips on how to communicate effectively at work

The Differences Between Demand and Lead Generation

Demand generation and lead generation efforts work together to create and sustain an excellent content marketing strategy.
the differences between demand and lead generation

Signs and Examples of Bad Company Culture

There are many bad company culture examples that corporations must be aware of.
signs and examples of bad company culture

How Blockchain is Changing Business Process Management

Blockchain offers business process management added security and improved collaboration benefits.
how blockchain is changing business process management

The Four Main Stages of Business Development

The 4 stages of business development consist of the startup, growth, maturity, and renewal or decline stage.
the four main stages of business development

All About Employee Engagement

Improving employee engagement is essential to increasing productivity and decreasing employee turnover.
all about employee engagement

Why Customer Experience Matters and How to Improve It

Customer experience is a top indicator of the success and profitability of every business.
why customer experience matters and how to improve it