Mitesh Gala


Founder and CEO of ALTAMETRICS, Mitesh is an applied computing pioneer in in the foodservice industry.
Mitesh holds 7 patents in the consumer loyalty, retail, and foodservice fields. He is the author of the book Customerology:- the formula for creating a great customer experience. He designed and directed the development of eRestaurant, the first internet based management platform for the foodservice industry and his early work in developing genetic-heuristic algorithms has become the foundation of labor optimization solutions used by many of the world’s largest foodservice companies. Today more than one million foodservice employees are scheduled and managed every day employing ALTAMETRICS workforce management innovations.
Mitesh strongly believes that technology must be practical and is only valuable if it helps people. In 1997 he founded ALTAMETRICS to assist foodservice companies deploy and profit from these technologies. Today, ALTAMETRICS is the largest enterprise solutions provider to the foodservice industry with over 100,000 users.
Mitesh started his career in foodservice, at the age of 13, by becoming the youngest person to complete the Management Training Program at Jack in the Box. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California and holds degrees in Biology and Psychology. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Kohinoor Award for Entrepreneurship.

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