Priyaankaa Mathur


Dr. Priyaankaa Mathur is a Ph.D. in Indian Classical Music from Delhi University and happens to be an Indian classical vocalist (Hindustani Style). She has been a music researcher, music aesthetician (as she doesn't like to be called a critic), a musicologist along with being a full-time music, entertainment, and lifestyle journalist for over 13 years now. She has contributed features on Indian classical music for various music magazines and web portals to include The Score Magazine, The Raaga Room, Onstage Magazine, Esamskriti.com and has written many featured articles on the Indian Entertainment Entertainment industry since its evolution, along with Bollywood Film reviews, Web-series reviews, celebrity and artist interviews for Filmifiles.com and FT FILMS TODAY.
Dr. Mathur has always loved to explore different genres and has a flair for writing, having written on diverse subjects ranging from Indian Classical Music and Dance, Allied art forms, Fine arts, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, Films, Bollywood,  Events, Digital, OTT, Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Fashion, HR, Education and IT. Dr. Mathur has worked for many reputed media houses namely BW Businessworld ( Assistant Editor), Travelscapes (Assistant Editor), En Route Wonders, ABEC Group (Assistant Editor), Exchange4media, and loudest.in ( Chief Reporter), Travel XP Channel ( Travel content writer), HRA NOW (Editor). She is an ardent traveller and loves to explore various cultures and traditions, while she visions sharing her knowledge of Indian classical music and traditions the world over.

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