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3 Benefits of Mobile Friendly Scheduling Software

3 benefits of mobile friendly scheduling software
Caroline Sams

By Caroline Sams

Abandon Excel Work Schedule Templates for Scheduling Apps and Software

Traditional employee scheduling processes, such as excel work schedule templates and other pen and paper methods, are ineffective due to their inadaptability. When scheduling changes inevitably happen, the aforementioned traditional employee scheduling processes, including excel work schedule templates, make it extremely difficult to widely broadcast these changes to employees.

Effective scheduling is all about access. Based on cloud technology, the Zip Schedules scheduling app and software allows users access to resources such as workplace schedules, schedule change information, and open shifts. Employee scheduling apps and software allows managers to control and create the scheduling information they need every day. The following are some of the main benefits of a cloud-based scheduler.

Scheduling Apps and Software Are Compatible With Multiple Users

More than half of the U.S. population uses smartphones to simplify tasks and chances are your employees are also a part of this demographic. With more and more employees using smartphones, there is a great benefit in integrating mobile scheduling software and scheduling apps into your business practices.

Besides 24/7 accessibility, the Zip Schedules employee scheduling app and software are not difficult to operate so your employees will be able to access their shift information without difficulty. In other words, if your staff knows how to operate a smartphone, they will have no trouble accessing and working the Zip Schedules scheduling app.

The Zip Schedules employee scheduling app and software are not only compatible with smartphones. The data provided by Zip Schedules is also accessible on other devices including tablets and computers, whether iOS or Android. Since the Zip Schedules scheduling software is available on a variety of devices, it increases user accessibility.

Increased user accessibility is yet another aspect of the Zip Schedules scheduling app and software that provides greater benefits than an excel work schedule template.

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Create and Change Schedules in Minutes With Scheduling Software

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Scheduling labor can be a hassle, especially during say a busy restaurant service and if employee availability is an unresolved issue. If you have a large staff, this must be an everyday struggle. However, rather than create a schedule from scratch, you can make one in minutes using scheduling software and use it as a template for the entire week.

To streamline the employee scheduling process further, the Zip Schedules scheduling app and software allow you to add the names and contact details of the employees you have on staff along with their preferred shift timings. These features in the Zip Schedules scheduling app and software make scheduling more employee and business-oriented, thereby helping to ensure that you have all the right hands on deck each day. Additionally, if there aren't any big changes day-to-day, you can copy the previous week's scheduling template onto the new week's and make minor tweaks if necessary.

Remain in Compliance With Labor Laws via Scheduling Apps and Software

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Adhering to labor laws is a difficult and extremely necessary part of business management. However, even the most prolific managers can initially disregard labor law compliance in favor of more profits, only to then end up paying hefty fines and battling lawsuits as a result. Since employee scheduling apps and software like Zip Schedules take labor laws into consideration, they will prevent you from accidentally overscheduling employees when creating new shifts or adjusting old scheduling templates.

Offering extra shifts through a scheduling app, such as Zip Schedules, will save management a lot of time, ensure satisfactory service, and encourage productive employees as well. The offering shifts feature in a scheduling app includes approving or disapproving shift swaps between employees, time off requests, and much more.

A team is only as good as its leader. As an owner, supervisor, manager, etc. in the 21st century, it would be in your business' as well as your staff's best interest to integrate a scheduling app and software program that can streamline shifts and make your workday easier.

Here at Hubworks, we also produce other business management software solutions and apps that can further help to manage employee scheduling. Our Zip Forecasting software improves profit margins with automated sales forecasting and demand planning tools and can be seamlessly integrated with Zip Schedules. For more information on our Zip Forecasting forecasting software and app, check out our 7 Ways Forecasting and Workforce Planning Can Increase Your Profits article which is also on the Hubworks Blog.

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