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3 Key Benefits of Using a Restaurant Supply Ordering System

3 key benefits of using a restaurant supply ordering system
Caroline Sams

By Caroline Sams

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Follow me for a second, okay? So, it's that time of the week/month again for the restaurant supply ordering system to deploy since you have to place your inventory supply order. You've had your employees rummage through the various storage places in your restaurant, counting off everything you had left. Every single peanut and toothpick have been accounted for after rigorous double checking. You've made sure to copy the count spreadsheets in triplicate, and filed each of them away in an organized fashion, such that you will be able to find them at a moment's notice. All sorted, right?

Then, per the restaurant supply ordering system checklist, next comes the organizing of each group of inventory items into sections that correspond to different suppliers. This process is tedious at best, as it requires that each inventory item is gone over and sorted. You need to make sure that the meat is in order for the butcher, and that the dairy supplier gets all of the cheese, cream, milk, and yogurt. Every one of these steps has to be done with the same attention to detail as the count itself, and upon completion, there is still the actual ordering that needs to occur.

In some cases, order processing can be completed via an online form and sent over. In most cases, though, if you don't already have a specific system in place, the orders must be filled out by hand and either mailed into the supplier or hand-delivered. Sometimes, you will find suppliers that accept phone orders as well, but that ends up consuming far more of your day than you had ever intended it to. No matter which option you pick, there is a temporary halt to any major productivity with your traditional restaurant supply ordering system.

This doesn't have to be the case, though. In fact, the solution is a simple one; it comes in the form of upgrading to a digital restaurant supply ordering system. While there is some initial investment, there is also potential value to your business, your productivity, and your stress level, which is why this is an option that cannot be overlooked.

In this article, we are going to look at three reasons that you should upgrade your ordering method today. We hope that, by the time all is said and done, you will find yourself not just ready to make this upgrade, but excited to do so, as well. The benefits to using a digital ordering system are immense, and we're going to explore a selection of them right now. Without further ado, here are our three reasons to upgrade to one of these systems!

Productivity Increases With an Order Management System

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When you upgrade to a digital restaurant supply ordering system, one of the biggest benefits you're likely to see almost immediately is the boost in productivity you will experience. This isn't some happy coincidence; this is a direct result of how much of the process becomes the responsibility of the software, rather than you. Tasks like the sorting and organizing, the scheduling, and in some cases even the ordering itself are all handled by the system. All you do is set it up the first time with your running inventory list, input the counts every cycle, and then let the system do its work for you.

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Correct Orders, More Often With Restaurant Supply Ordering Software

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While it would be impossible for us to guarantee that your orders will always be correct through using restaurant supply ordering software, such as Zip Ordering, what we can say is that your only errors in order processing are more likely to be the fault of the supplier going forward. Provided you put in the correct inventory information at the point of setting up, and ensure that it is correct when the order is meant to be placed, then you should be set regarding making sure your order is correct all the time.

Quicker Ordering With Order Processing Software

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Something we mentioned earlier is just how long the ordering process can take, especially if you have to place orders by phone. By upgrading to a digital restaurant supply ordering system, you have the potential to cut this time commitment in half. You see, when you use an order processing system, much of the hard work is being done for you. However, by eliminating the time spent placing orders, you can free up as much as two or three hours each day, depending on how long placing the orders took you originally.

It is worth noting, that not every digital ordering system will be accepted by every supplier. In those cases, you still may need to email or fax the orders over, but even that doesn't take nearly as long as sitting on the phone with a representative while you list off items and quantities one by one. Think about all of the other tasks that you can accomplish when you earn back all of that time. It doesn't have to be work related, either; sometimes, the extra hour or two you earn back is enough to cut out early and spend an afternoon with your family or get some car maintenance done.

There you have it, our three key reasons as to why you should go ahead and make the upgrade to a digital restaurant supply ordering system. As you can see, even with just these three benefits we discussed here, there is already plenty that should motivate you to at least investigate making this kind of switch in your restaurant. Take some time, evaluate a few different options, and then come to a conclusion based on which system meets the needs of your business the best. If that system happens to be Zip Ordering, then we can't say we'll be upset. Regardless, we hope this has given you the boost in motivation to make this switch a reality. If you're looking to learn even more about the topic of inventory management, then take a look at our How to Choose the Best Inventory Control Software for Small Businesses article which we also wrote on the subject.

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