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5 Incredible Benefits of Using a Restaurant Order Guide Template

5 incredible benefits of using a restaurant order guide template
Caroline Sams

By Caroline Sams

What Is a Restaurant Order Guide, and Why Do I Need a Template for It?

You've probably heard the term "I'm winging it!" and thought it was pretty cool to see someone doing so well at whatever it was, all without a plan. As impressive as it is to watch, the truth is, the outcome usually results from a combination of semi-planning, experience in the field, and a whole lot of good luck.

Planning is the key to success, especially in business, which is how the restaurant order guide comes in. "Winging it" in the fast-paced world of food service is simply not an option.

A restaurant order guide is a set of rules, figures, and procedures designed to keep your restaurant's inventory and ordering processes running smoothly. It's not just a simple list of the ingredients you need for your main dishesthis is your master list of every single item in your store. That includes ingredients, of course, but it's also office supplies, uniforms, cleaning supplies, and whatever you need for on-site promotions. It's a lot of small things to remember, any one of which running out could cause the snowball of poor planning we mentioned above. Having a restaurant order guide template on hand will help immensely in making sure your store is prepared for anything, and that you can make changes on the fly, all while keeping customers happy.

Below, we discuss the top 5 incredible benefits of using a restaurant order guide template to get ahead of your competition. We're focusing mainly on digital order guide templates, so if you haven't upgraded yet, read on and see what time-saving technology you're missing out on.

A Restaurant Order Guide Acts as an Inventory Tracker

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Without a set, multi-purpose restaurant order guide, your inventory control and order guides could evolve in opposite directions, making the two incompatible and frustrating to manage. Keeping inventory and order processing in one placelike your order guide template or order processing appmeans everything is tracked in one spot, easy for everyone to see, and simple for everyone to understand. It's also a snap to look over old ordering forms and find exactly what you're seeking. Save time, money, and energy by keeping data all in one place.

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POS Integration Removes Extra Steps in Inventory Management

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Having your POS solution integrated with your inventory control and ordering system is a powerful way to be sure you never run out of ingredients. This won't help with cleaning supplies or that sort of thing, but most of the cost of running a business is the ingredients anyway. Every time a customer buys something, your POS will tell your inventory system, and the numbers get adjusted.

Inventory is time-consuming when done the old-fashioned way, but linking your POS to your inventory control solution makes counting and tracking automated and simple. Used in tandem with a restaurant order guide template, you can quickly see what needs to be ordered well before it runs dangerously low. BONUS - Having your POS system integrated with your inventory control solution is a huge help when audit time comes. See what sells well, when it sells the best, and get a great overview of what things could be changed to improve sales in the slow season. Your order guide template can be adjusted, as needed, making the most efficient use of every single action in your business.

Use the Inventory Reports Feature as an Inventory Tracker

Any great inventory system will come with a built-in reports feature. Ideally, the interface is intuitive and powerful, yet can be navigated in seconds. With a proper restaurant order guide template in place, your reports can easily be matched up with the template for simple and quick data collection, comparison, and adjustments.

Use the Counts History Feature as an Inventory Tracker

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You might be surprised how many managers forget to check their digital inventory and ordering systems for the count history. This likely results from the old-style methods of ordering and inventory management, with piles of old pages and log books to thumb through. Newer mobile solutions have built-in counts histories, which saves time when you need to know an old count. You can see the dates, the actual counts, and the categories or locations of each item, too, thanks to the order guide template. A click, tap, or swipe is all it takes, and you can check out the history, which helps plan for the future.

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Cloud Storage Removes the Bulk of Inventory Management

Modern order guide templates use cloud-based storage and feature software for mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Use technology to your advantage, and take your inventory and ordering tasks on the road. This component is especially helpful for multi-location restaurants or managers who aren't on-site as much as they'd like to be. Even if you're away from the building, you can check the order guide template and see what needs to be ordered, place that order, and get confirmation right away that your supplies will be delivered. Imagine how much time you'll save, and how much you'll save in transportation, when you can do all your inventory tasks on the go.

Having a solid restaurant order guide template in your corner will go a long way in improving your efficiency and your profits, but there's still more you can do. If you're new to mobile solutions for business, you might be worried about making the switch. If you're already used to using mobile technology, we bet you're interested in the latest and greatest thing. For more information on how inventory software can help you and your business, check out our guide on "How to Choose the Best Inventory Control Software for Small Businesses," which is also on the Hubworks Blog.

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