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5 Ways a Digital Logbook, Like Zip Shift Book, Saves Time and Money

5 ways a digital logbook like zip shift book saves time and money
Caroline Sams

By Caroline Sams

A digital shift book serves to provide significant value to owners, managers, and administrators through the range of features that digital logbooks come equipped with. As you work to make improvements to the way your business functions, keeping the use of a solid, well-organized (digital) logbook is a central component of doing this successfully.

However, the value of a digital logbook doesn't end with benefits like record keeping efficiency and employee accountability (which are two of the most often cited benefits to making use of a solid digital shift book log system). There are a couple of other areas that a digital logbook can optimize a business. When you pull back and look at these areas on a more general, macro level, you get only two main areas - time and money. Specifically, we're talking about the ways that these shift book tools contribute to the saving of time and the better management of cost.

In this article, we're going to look at five different ways that a digital logbook can help to better manage time and improve cost-effectiveness in your business, both on a broad level and through specific examples. If you're on the fence about implementing a digital shift book tool, by the end of this article you will be far more confident in the value you stand to gain in doing so.

Save Time Locating Information With Digital Logbook Software and Apps

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When you are looking for recorded information, say a note you made about an interaction with a customer, and you have to scramble through stacks of paper on your desk or wedged into a filing cabinet, hoping that you didn't accidentally spill coffee on it and throw it out, you might be a bit stressed. This process is unnecessary if you implement a proper digital logbook, like Zip Shift Book, in your business operations. When you use a digital logbook, all of the information will be easy to locate (since you physically know where to find it), and also easy to find within the log itself, so long as you are aware of when the incident in question happened, since it will be broken down by either day or week. The simplified breakdown of business information in a digital shift book allows for administrators and staff members alike to save time.

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Have More Efficient Information Storage With a Digital Logbook App

Something that likely has irked every administrator at least once in his or her career is the lack of a singular, cohesive way to store and manage miscellaneous information relating to the business. With a properly structured digital logbook, this concern is a thing of the past as instead of haphazardly throwing information everywhere until you find a better place for it, it is all entered into the log and then stored there. You can move the information in the digital logbook elsewhere for more permanent storage options, or elect to leave it there. The choice is yours, as is the time it will save you in deciding where to put certain information.

Digital Logbooks Like Zip Shift Book Help Prevent Future Customer Loss

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A digital logbook can save you money by helping to improve customer retention. When you make a note of criticisms, praises, and other customer interactions in a digital logbook, you keep a running record of things you are doing well and areas which can be improved. It is just a matter of implementing the improvements, and you may see a higher rate of return customers, and a potential rise in new customers, people familiar with the returning lot who've been recommended to come to your business; it's a win-win.

Improve Inventory Management by Using a Digital Logbook

There are many ways to improve your business' inventory management methods, but the most effective, outside of using a specialized inventory management system, is to devote some of the logs in a digital logbook to inventory notes. These inventory notes aren't hard and fast pieces of data to be used when ordering and managing your inventory. Rather, this information primarily functions as a way to keep track of information on the fly, which can later be implemented into your inventory software. This doesn't just save you time; it also saves you money, since you will be able to more quickly catch onto low inventory issues and correct them so you don't lose money because you can't provide every menu item you have listed.

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Avoid Scheduling Disputes When Using a Digital Logbook

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One of the main ways a digital logbook can be useful is for recording employee interactions concerning scheduling and other workforce aspects. In a significant number of cases, employee interactions that revolve around changes to the employees' schedule should be monitored. By keeping note of employee discussions, and the changes they desire to see, you're essentially creating a very light verbal contract, one that provides proof of the discussion happening, and one that can then be used should that employee ever dispute the changes in their schedule because they did not realize the impact it would have on them financially. It covers you in case of an issue and keeps you from being forced to pay up more money than you should.

That's our list of the five biggest ways a digital logbook can improve your business' finances while also saving time. We hope that you've found these tips useful and that if you were on the fence about using such a digital logbook in your business originally, that you are now more convinced than ever about the benefits you stand to gain from doing so.

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