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Business Apps for iPhone and Android

app for iphone and android
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Business Apps

Here at Hubworks, we are proud of our robust line up of business apps for both iPhone and Android. We are excited about helping you accelerate your business with our employee scheduling app, task management app, and time clocking app – just to name a few. Here we've compiled a list of some of our customer's favorites for you to check out.

1. Zip Schedules –a business app that simplifies the way you create and manage employee scheduling. With this unique app, it's easy for everyone to stay in the know with clear, manageable, and easy to access schedules.

2. Zip Clock –a business app that automates employee time tracking software, keeping you compliant with labor laws and in the know. Even with a great schedule, you still want accountability and compliance. Zip Clock keeps you in control, with oversight of what is actually going on in your restaurant or retail space.

We also have some exciting new business apps currently running in Beta, that we are psyched to share

3. Zip POS Dashboard –a business app that aggregates business information from your pre-existing POS system to create standardized POS reports for free. With Free POS Reports, you can have an easier time gaining information and meaningful insight from your data.

4. Zip Checklist –a task manager app that enables you to create and update task checklists, to efficiently manage your organization. With Zip Checklist, you can now easily create and share checklists, and keep communication wide open with commenting features and solid record keeping features.

5. Zip Shift Book –a real time, comprehensive digital shift book that anyone can learn to use in minutes. With Zip Shift Book, you can now easily document and share what happens during shifts with your management team, to eliminate the last minute, unwelcome surprises. Zip Shift Book includes a log, employee journal, address book, and cloud library.


Our online business scheduling apps are compatible with desktop computers, laptops, and all Internet browsers. Our business apps are designed for use with Apple, Android, and Microsoft tablets and smart phones, with free downloads on iPhone and Android. There are no additional charges or hidden costs with Hubworks applications. Everyone on your team can utilize our iPhone and Android apps for free. They can easily find our business app on iTunes or Google Play.

Raving Reviews

Don't just take our word for it, listen to one of our happy business app users

"We started using Zip Schedules several months ago. When I saw how easy it was to use, I went back to the site and downloaded Zip Clock and Zip Checklist too. My managers love the clean look, and find that they're much more productive," says General Manager at Fresh Griller, Jon Evrard.

At Hubworks, our app market is truly unique. We know our business apps will be such an asset to your organization, that we don't make you sign contracts, and offer you pay-as-you-go service. You can change your plan at any time.

Try us out. You can test many of our products for free for 30 days, credit card information not required.

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