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The Latest and Greatest Apps for Business

apps for business manager
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Apps For Business Manager

Specific apps for business that can change the way you communicate, manage, track, and operate your retail establishments or restaurants are continually being developed. Think about it- are you getting the most out of what apps are available to help you improve the way you function and operate in your business? Take a look at some of the features below, and consider what you – and your team – may be missing out on.

Improved Communication

The simplest online apps for business managers involve communication, like professional email. With today's technology, management and key employees can be reached by email straight to their mobile devices. Meaning, whether they are on site or on the road, they can be reached efficiently and quickly. The latest email apps offer busy professionals greater spam protection, bigger storage capability, little to no advertisements, and easy to use search features, so you can finally find that email you've been searching for in your sent box, even from your mobile device. Picture this, you're on the road, and forgot to forward an email you promised. With today's technology, you can take care of it right away.

Better Collaboration

Many managers and staff find better collaboration with apps that enable them to share storage and calendars, and meet virtually with video meetings. If an employee is working on a document remotely, they can now save the document to the Cloud, meaning every member of the team can view and make tracked changes in real time. So, everyone is truly on the same page, no matter where they may be. You can actually feel connected to remote employees.

Smoother Employee Management

Managing labor is now a small task. The days of keeping notes tucked away about who is on vacation, or who requested a personal, can be over. Without apps designed specifically for employee management , managers are left to antiquated methods of tracking, which have the potential – and likelihood – to leave them in the dark. Meaning, it's more likely you'll end up understaffed during an important shift. Apps for managers focused on employee management empower management to track schedules, approve or deny time off requests, and oversee staff members trading shifts.

Integrated Customer Service

Believe it or not, there are apps out there that won't leave your customers with a bad taste in their mouth. Today's customer service apps can feel personal, while they acquire valuable information for you about customer satisfaction. Customers can participate in surveys, leave feedback, make reservations, and order food for take out right from an app. Today's hot retail and restaurant destinations are even investing in having customized apps made just for their business functions, an investment that usually has great returns. So, whether you are in healthcare, hospital administration, hotels, restaurants, retail, entertainment, or theater management, you can certainly benefit from the latest apps for business. These apps can improve your communication, management of employees, scheduling, inventory control, and customer satisfaction. All of which lead to a healthier bottom line and happier stakeholders.

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