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6 Ways Automated Timekeeping Software Improves Small Businesses

automated employee timekeeping software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Today, small businesses can depend on timekeeping software for much more than keeping track of employee hours. In short, today's time tracking software can do much more than track the number of hours worked daily. They can simplify the payroll process, curb overtime costs, get rid of time theft, and enable managers and supervisors to schedule, monitor, and administer employee time more effectively.

Good employee timekeeping software gives all types of businesses an essential window into their workplace setting or environment. Such software produce important reports that take account of everything, from work hours, breaks, corrections, approvals, and so on. When it comes to productivity and finances, automated

Below, we are going to look at how today's timekeeping software updates or modernizes small business


A common trait among the most successful businesses today is that they have learned to leverage automation and therefore mastered the art of doing more with little. When used appropriately, automated employee attendance software can replace tiresome and boring administrative tasks that are not only unproductive but strain resources too.

An automated time tracking system can save hours of precious time for HR and payroll administrators. This is because with such software, these administrators will no longer have to calculate, tally up, process work hours, and review performance data manually. They will also have instant and real-time access to more employee data, such as missed punches, vacation requests, and so on. In short, through automation, they will be able to do more work within a very short time and therefore be able to direct more time towards other tasks.

Reducing compliance risk

A business that uses employee timekeeping software will also benefit from making sure that it is complying with labor laws and regulations. When it comes to compliance, accuracy is very important. An automated employee time tracking system will eliminate human errors and enable a business to effortlessly comply with such policies. Also, such a solution files comprehensive audit trails for future references in the case that compliance is questioned.

Lowering payroll costs

A reduced payroll cost is among the biggest benefits of automated timekeeping software . With automation, a business can expect accurateness and with accurateness comes savings. Manual time tracking strategies are prone to errors and other scheduling insufficiencies, and this leaves a business vulnerable to overtime and payroll errors, among other hidden costs. Implementing a first-class employee management system can enable businesses to save as much as 8% on payroll costs.

Financial outlook window

Cloud based time and attendance systems offer a new window for business owners to peak into how their businesses are running. Through this window, they gain useful insight on labors costs, project expenses, performance metrics, job costs, and so on. Identifying where (and when) money is being lost is very important for a business to become successful and financially sound, which is why automated employee attendance software is of great importance to small businesses.

Eliminating time theft

Using a cloud based time tracking system makes it possible for employees to get paid on time and without any paycheck errors. Such a system can also save a business thousands of dollars every year by eliminating time theft strategies such as buddy punching, extending breaks, and spending company hours on private matters such as making calls, facebooking, and so on.


It is now an undeniable fact that old fashioned or outdated time tracking systems are obsolete. This is because today's time and attendance systems do so much more as we have already seen, but it is their mobility that has continued to make them popular, especially among businesses that take on freelancers and other remote workers. With such a solution, remote workers are able to punch in and out via their smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, and other internet-enabled devices. Another advantage is that employers will be able to manage and monitor employee hours from any part of the world through an internet connected device.

What we have looked at are just a few ways automated time and attendance updates small businesses. There are many other benefits that come with such software, most of which will be noticeable within a few weeks of use. But as always, not all timekeeping solutions in the market today will provide helpful benefits. It is therefore wise to go for a highly regarded system, or better yet, go for timekeeping software that comes with a free trial offer. This way, you will be in a better position to choose the appropriate solution for your business.

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