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10 Reasons to Implement an Automated Time Clock Software Solution

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Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

If you're a company that's growing rapidly, you know that you have a lot going on all the time. Staying focused then can be difficult, especially as it relates to accurate timekeeping of your employees. Using time cards is one way to help you stay up to date. But not only is this outdated and time consuming, it's inaccurate, and relies on timekeeping from memory, which is open to human error.

Aside from this, you also know that you can spend all the time in the world creating a perfect schedule, only to find that the schedule will invariably change. Because let's face it - life happens. People call in sick, have family emergencies, or hit traffic.

This is where you need the time clock software solution to not only help you manage life's mishaps but also help you streamline your time and attendance procedures.

Businesses use employee time clock software solutions to record and track the hours that employees work. Employees enter details into a central automated system. This information is then converted into a weekly or monthly timesheet. Such an online timesheet is similar to those manually created timesheets many companies create from time cards. The difference is - any modern time tracking software is automated, streamlined, and much more than just a timekeeping tool. They offer you a host of other benefits that outdated systems do not, and simply cannot offer! Let's explore 10 reasons you need to use employee time clock software solution.

Automated Time Tracking - Saves You Time

A universal benefit of any time tracking software solution is automated time tracking. By using automated employee time clock software solution HR managers and payroll administrators save time as they don't have to manually calculate, process, and review performance data. Managers also have instant real-time access to all information (e.g. missed punches, vacation requests etc.). Ultimately through these time savings, you're able to re-direct your focus towards other essential business tasks, which wouldn't be possible with older, more outdated systems.

Cloud Based; Information is Easily Accessible

Any modern time clock software solution is also cloud-based meaning you can access it at a central location, from any device. As a manager you can instantly have access to information about who is at work and who isn't. Any time attendance records are then easily and quickly accessible.

Designed With Mobility In Mind

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Mobility is essential as workforces are increasingly working from home and organizations outsource many activities to freelancers. Many modern employee time clock software solutions have mobile apps, available across operating systems like Android and IOS.

This makes it easy for remote employees to punch in and out of work, complete their online monthly timesheet, and receive payment. All while using an employee time clock software app. This in turn also allows you to monitor time attendance. And this is all possible from any device, anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection available. Such mobility has further advantages such as notifications on the go, in real-time.

Notifications in real time

Employees also receive notifications instantly, in real time. For example, Zip Clock from Zip Schedules will automatically alert employees when their shift starts, when it ends, and when employees are due for a break. This encourages and empowers employees to take ownership of their own schedules.

You in turn also receive real-time information such as when employees are late and when they aren't showing up for shifts. By instantly having access to this information you're able to immediately take corrective steps to fix it. No delays.

Improved Accuracy of Timekeeping; Reduces Administrative Headaches

Any timekeeping software will improve time tracking accuracy by automation and the elimination of human intervention. No longer do you need to rely on updating hours worked based on yours and your employee's memory. In the majority of cases, such estimation usually favors the employee at the expense of the company. It is such timekeeping accuracy offered by automated timekeeping tracking software that will eliminate time theft within your organization.

Eliminates Time Theft

Let's face it, there are always employees that are going to work the system. This is where you need to be smart. Aside from minimizing human error, employee time clock software solution can eliminate time theft opportunities. Time theft occurs when employees receive pay for time that actually wasn't worked.

Time theft strategies by employees include outright dishonesty about hours worked, extending lunch breaks, using work hours to attend to private matters, and engaging in buddy punching. You're able to deal with these problems by tracking time and attendance with the help of a mobile device or a biometric time clock reader (clocking in and out via fingerprint).

Timekeeping software apps will typically make use of Geolocation positioning to ensure employees are actually on-site when they clock in and out on their mobile phones. This curtails any dishonesty that may occur with employees checking in from home.

And the biometric time clock reader serves a similar function by eliminating buddy punching. For example, Zip Clock Time Clock Software Solution by Zip Schedules can be downloaded to any mounted tablet for use. This saves your company a lot of money, particularly if you consider that the Annual Payroll Associate (APA) estimates that buddy punching accounts for 2-5% of all payroll expenses. As your turnover grows, 2-5% begins to add up and can amount to a staggering sum of money.

Streamlines the Payroll Process

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Most top employee time clock software solutions can integrate with any top payroll provider. And for the accountant and/or payroll processor, this is good news. Automated time clock software reduces any administrative headaches when it comes to payroll. An automated employee time clock mobile app will collect information centrally before automatically sending it to a payroll processor.

This procedure eliminates any human intervention as it eliminates the need for manually inputting data into a spreadsheet. Timekeeping software then not only ensures the accuracy of wages due – which translates into cost savings for employers – but also speeds up the entire payroll process. This, in turn, ensures employees are paid on time. And employees that get paid on time are a lot more satisfied.

Improves Employee Satisfaction Through Timely Pay

The accuracy and timeliness of pay that results from using timekeeping software improve employee satisfaction. Further, employees are able to access their personal data through a self-service portal. This gives them control and further contributes towards their empowerment and satisfaction

Ensure Labour Law Compliance

Labour law violations are accompanied by a hefty fine. It's no wonder that so many businesses are concerned about labor law. This is where a time tracking software can be invaluable for your business.

Modern employee time clock software applications make it almost impossible for employees to breach labor laws (e.g. overtime or break violations) by sending possible breach notifications in advance. For example, Zip Clock has a countdown timer that will notify you when a breach is imminent, giving you time to take the necessary action.

Powerful Reporting Features

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Top employee time clock software solutions are only as good as the reporting functions they offer. Reports allow you to see how your business is fairing, and provide information on which you can base future business decisions. An example of such a report is an online monthly timesheet that will allow you to analyze labor costs. You're are also able to gather insights about project expenses, job costs, and other performance metrics.

Consider for example the employee time clock software app offered by Zip Schedules. It allows both the creation of a PayRoll report and a performance report. As a manager or an owner, you simply select a time frame and the app generates a report for all employees against that time frame. You're able to look at -

1. Hours worked vs scheduled hours
2. If any overtime pay is due
3. If employees are close to receiving overtime
4. How many breaks they're taking
5. Their absenteeism
6. How often they're late or on time
7. Whether there's the possibility of any labor law violations

The days of using outdated time cards and spreadsheets to monitor time and attendance are slowly evaporating (if they haven't already). As a growing business, you need to streamline your operations for improved focus. Modern employee time clock software provides you with the necessary tools to do exactly that. By using employee time clock software, you're not only getting a tool to effectively keep track of the hours worked by employees. You're getting so much more. You're getting a powerful platform that will help you -

1. Better manage the time and attendance of your employees through an automated cloud-based solution that has mobility in mind.
2. Help guide business decisions through state of the art reporting.
3. Protect your bottom line by eliminating time theft, streamlining payroll processes, and protect you against labor law violations.

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