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The Benefits of a Smart Clock versus a Manual Time Clock

benefits of a smart clock versus a manual time clock
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Benifts Of a Smart Clock Versus a Manual Time Clock

A smart clock can seriously protect your business from a myriad of issues that a manual time clock simply cannot address.

Buddy Punching

We have all heard of it. Someone is running late so they call a friend at work asking him or her to punch them in. Those few minutes over the course of multiple employees, over the course of a week, month, quarter, and year, adds up to be a significant amount of money that the company is losing. What's more, buddy punching opens the door to other forms of theft. If an employee feels comfortable taking advantage of punching in, what else will they feel they can take advantage of? With manual clocks it can be very difficult to avoid this issue, by supplying your facility with a smart clock you can accurately collect data on punch in times, punch out times, sick time, and vacation.

Shift Management

Smart clocks will help you manage your schedule in ways that would need to be done manually in the past. With smart clocks, a manager can see at any time who is on schedule and available in real time. This allows the company to make best use of time and maximize customer satisfaction, thus increasing the bottom line.


Manual time clocks require laborious efforts to complete payroll. How much easier would it be with a smart clock to simply download a report and streamline your payroll efforts? If computing payroll takes less time, there is more time to complete other tasks in the office and in turn helps make the business a well-oiled machine.

Employee Accountability
Smart clock technology assists companies in setting a standard of accountability for employees. If an employee knows that their time is tracked accurately they will be more apt to be on time. The employee will focus on their responsibility that will work towards increased profits and allow the opportunity for payroll increases and better employee benefits.

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