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The Benefits of Punch Clock Calculator Software

benefits of punch clock calculator software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Punch Clock Calculator Software

Improve hour compliance and manage absence effortlessly with our punch clock calculator. Try for free now!

As you well know, employee attendance tracking is a must if you are to achieve a significant profit from your business. Our punch clock calculator will not only help you in tracking employee attendance easily; but, it will also make employee scheduling easy, make payroll preparation uncomplicated and accurate, and improve hour and wage compliance significantly, among many other benefits.

Let us look at what you can expect from the Zip Clock punch clock calculator once you sign up for our free trial.

Zip Clock Punch Clock Calculator – Time and Workforce Tracking

We, at Zip Clock, understand perfectly that your business has a diverse workforce, and that is precisely why we have come up with the perfect data collecting punch clock software to meet your needs. The main function of our punch clock is to make and keep employee time keeping easy, accurate, and professional. For instance, your employees don't have to take endless minutes waiting to clock in and out of work. All they have to do is to use an internet-enabled device to clock in and out of work, such as a mobile phone, a laptop, or a tablet.

Also, to ensure that workers are indeed at work when clocking in and out, our software uses geo-location positioning technology to eliminate any chances of dishonesty among your workers.

As soon as a worker clocks in, our punch clock calculator will keep track of every minute the worker stays clocked in. It is also possible for a time entrant to be associated with a particular department, project, shift, or a particular pay type like overtime or vacation pay. Also, an employee can type a short message or a note addressed to fellow workers or the manager when clocking in or out.

If a worker forgets to clock in or out for one reason or another, our software makes it possible for the worker to edit a previous punch so as not to lose the days wages. Such edits, however, must first be approved by the manager.

Perhaps you are wondering if it is possible for a worker who is off-site to use our punch clock calculator. The answer is a big yes! With our software, it will be possible to track the exact location your workers were in when they clocked in and clocked out.

Zip Clock Punch Clock Calculator – Payroll Preparation

With our punch clock calculator, you no longer need spreadsheets, paper timesheets, and punch timecards to prepare your payrolls. Based on the data collected, our software will calculate the total number of hours worked by each and every employee who used the software to clock in and out and automatically send the data to payroll for further analysis. This way, you get to avoid the endless headaches associated with data entry corrections.

There are many other benefits that come with our punch clock calculator and we have discussed them in detail in our other articles. But to keep it simple, you can expect it to help you with the following-

successful labor management
prevention of compliance violations
accurate tracking of paid vacations, sick off, and so on
unproblematic payroll preparation

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