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Biometric Time Attendance System

biometric employee time attendance system
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Biometric Attendance System

With Zip Clock Biometric Attendance System capture employee time and attendance data for quick and efficient payroll processing, labor law compliance and productivity of your human resource.

For a restaurant manager, employee time and attendance is one of the most important and challenging tasks of running a successful restaurant. If you want to keep track of the employees that are always late for work, know how much time theft costs your restaurant each month and ensure nobody abuses the access system or punch card, look no further. Zip Clock biometric attendance system is what your restaurant needs.

Be 100% sure with Zip Clock Time Attendance System

Zip Clock Biometric Punch Clock for Advanced Verification

Biometric technology is widely used for employee attendance verification due to its accuracy and precision.

Biometric technology is nothing new. The technology has been used by established organizations for the purpose of advanced verification. As the name suggests biometric systems identify people making use of unique human characteristics such as a fingerprint, and retina scan. Deploying biometric attendance systems for employee time and attendance can help you deter time theft and cases when employees clock in for each other.

Biometric Time Clock- Thwart Employee time and attendance with Zip Clock's Innovative, Efficient and Cost Effective Biometric Punch Clock

Is buddy punching and Employee time theft hurting your business? Not anymore!

With our advanced, efficient and innovative punch time clock, you'll not only be able to control employee time theft and buddy punching but will also be able to maintain the integrity of your business. Zip Clock's biometric attendance system works by taking fingerprint impressions from an employee and then process it digitally. The system saves these results in the form of a template that is stored in the system's database.

When an employee attempts to identify themselves by scanning their fingers, the system compares the newly made scan with all available templates and completes the identification process. Zip Clock's biometric punch clock is simple and easy to use.

The advanced attendance system makes efficient use of biometrics to;
Simplify the process of payroll preparation and prevent errors due to employee time theft
Eliminate buddy punching and improve tardiness
Improve the productivity of your organization; and
Establish accountability

Download Zip Clock's Biometric Attendance System with your Mobile Device and Save Big Dollars

Use biometric technology for accurate tracking of employee attendance!

Organizations lose billions of dollars each year due to buddy punching and employee time theft. Replacing your old and outdated attendance system with Zip Clock's advanced biometric attendance system can help you track employee time and attendance in an efficient manner while at the same time helping you control labor costs.

So what are you waiting for? Download our advanced biometric attendance system today and see your restaurant business grow in a very short time.

Best of luck!

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