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Business Forecasting Software Helps You Make Better Business Decisions

business forecasting software helps you make better business decisions
Caroline Sams

By Caroline Sams

Forget Complicated Spreadsheets, Focus on Simple Forecast Reports

Not only does business intelligence forecasting software turn your collected data into insightful information, allowing you to build a better business model, but the software also helps you manage multiple restaurant locations in one convenient platform, so you always have access to accurate business intelligence data.

Managing a restaurant often involves many spreadsheets to track important business intelligence forecasting data related to employee scheduling, inventory, and purchasing. These spreadsheets can be difficult to create and impossible to find as time goes by. Much of the details tend to be lost in the shuffle and are never used for the good of the restaurant. The good news is that you no longer have to do business this way. By using Zip Reporting and Zip Forecast sales forecasting software, you can eliminate the saved spreadsheets and focus more on leading a productive, profitable team.

Zip Reporting streamlines your reporting process so that you get a simple, but detailed look at how your business is operating. All information in the reports, generated by the business forecasting software, is produced in real-time, so details are accurate and available when you need them. Other benefits of using our business forecasting software are included below.

Business Forecasting Software Is Easy to Set Up

If you're worried about downtime while installing new software, you can relax. Zip Forecast software can be installed quickly, using our simple Start-Up Wizard. Additional alerts will keep you in the loop of the additional steps to be completed for total access to the forecasting platform. You won't lose data, time, or money while working to improve your restaurant's operation through business forecasting software.

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Business Reporting Software and Fully Supported Customer Service

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While installation is easy, questions may arise during the process or when you first start generating reports. Our Hubworks customer support team is on hand to answer questions and to walk you through the procedures necessary to start getting results. In addition to personal assistance, a number of video tutorials are available to help you get to know how Zip Reporting and its business intelligence forecasting can work on your behalf.

Forecasting Software as Intuitive Applications

Zip Reporting and Zip Forecast are designed to be extremely user-friendly, without a huge learning curve to overcome. The programs offer intuitive interfaces, as well as convenient mobile apps so that you can access reports, like those from your business intelligence forecasting software, from anywhere, including your PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Business Forecasting Software Saves Time

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With a user-friendly interface, restaurant owners and managers will have access to data when they need it. They no longer have to search through spreadsheets or crunch numbers on their calculator to find out what they need to know. Zip Reporting and Zip Forecast consolidate a variety of information, like sales and labor forecasting, into detailed reports without extra work. You'll save time and money by streamlining your data access, rather than continuing to work through a complicated collection of relevant data for business intelligence forecasting.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

Make More Accurate Predictions With Forecasting Software

When making assumptions about the future of your business, you may find you're way off in your estimates. Using Zip Reporting data and reports, you'll be able to better understand your restaurant's operations and profitability potential. Reports can be created based on the information you need to know, and not a bunch of data not relevant to your success.

Business Forecasting Software Should Allow for Multiple Locations

Zip Reporting simplifies the process of collecting valuable data from all of your business locations. Rather than work on multiple applications to access different location data, you can consolidate your data into the Zip Reporting program. You and your management team can have access to the same, real-time business intelligence forecasting data, so everyone stays on the same page. This allows for more efficient communication when developing strategies for business growth or comparing the successes of multiple locations.

Versatile Reports From Forecasting Software

Zip Reporting is designed to help restaurant owners tap into the heart of their businesses; after that, identifying areas that need improvement or highlighting areas where success is proven becomes easy. Reports can be generated using different filters, so you only access what you need. Superior business intelligence forecasting software, like Zip Reporting and Zip Forecast, allows for report details to be generated based on the specifics of how you do business.

Forecasting Software Featuring Convenient Integrations

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Zip Reporting and Zip Forecast can be easily integrated alongside your usual front-end systems so you can start producing business and labor forecasting reports without additional investments. Multiple users can access the business intelligence forecasting software and reports at any time from different sources.

Technology is ever-evolving, and it is important to stay on top of relevant technology so that you can continue to grow and flourish in business.

As businesses grow, the more platforms for tracking forecasting data multiply. Prevent operations from becoming overwhelming by using the Zip Reporting application to consolidate everything into one area. You'll never have to memorize multiple passwords or learn how to use different systems to access your restaurant data again. You'll essentially streamline your data collection with one quick integration process.

Since you can get started using Zip Reporting without any financial investment, there's no risk to you as a restaurant owner. You'll get first-hand experience in how the business intelligence forecasting tool works with your specific data. After you realize just how easy it is to view collected data and use that information to make predictions for the future of your business; you can continue using Zip Reporting on a pay-as-you-go basis. If you find you are no longer using Zip Reporting and believe you no longer need tools like business intelligence forecasting, end your subscription without further obligation.

If you would like to learn more about how the right software can boost your business, check out our Work Schedule Apps | A Complete Guide article, which is also on the Hubworks Blog! For more information and reviews on employee scheduling software check out's 2018 Employee Scheduling Software Reviews.

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