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Can Switching to Time Card Calculator Software Save Time and Money?

can switching to time card calculator software save time and money
Caroline Sams

By Caroline Sams

Traditional Clock in Procedures Waste Time, Get a Time Card Calculator

It's a familiar scene. Employees file in just before the shift starts, often sipping coffee and staring off with bleary eyes. They stand in line, waiting for their turn to search for their paper clock in sheet. If the time clock happens to malfunction in the middle of this process, the wait is even longer, and stress levels start to rise before anyone steps foot onto the floor. If everything goes smoothly, the clock in procedure is a massive time sink, and it doesn't set a positive mood for the shift, either.

What if we told you there is a better way to handle this necessary step? What if we said it would shave off time and lower costs, improve employee mood and engagement, and make labor management duties a snap? You might be tempted to call us liars or beg us to stop teasing, but we swear, there is a way to do all this, and more; it won't cost a fortune, either.

We're talking about switching to time card calculator software, designed for small to medium businesses, with a whole suite of compatible and powerful apps to go along with it. Below, we'll explore the benefits of switching, and give some tips on how you can get started.

What a Great Time Card Calculator Software Program and App Can Do

what a great time card calculator software program and app can do 1228

We can spend all day throwing power words and convincing jargon your way, but we'd rather spend our time writing this list of the major benefits of switching to a mobile time clock app. The choice to switch to time card calculator software is up to you, but the time and money-saving features are pretty convincing if you ask us.

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A Good Time Clock Calculator Software Program Is Simple to Set Up

Before we get into the features of a great time card calculator, let's discuss the setup process. As all managers know, setting up new equipment or software can be a nightmare of confusion and frustration. Hours on the phone with unresponsive tech support, fumbling with confusing instruction manuals and nervously watching the clock as you waste time are all a thing of the past. Good time card calculator software will come with an easy setup that takes minutes. No software to code, no equipment to calibrate, just open the app and you're ready to go. If your current clock in solution doesn't have a setup like that, you're wasting time.

Time Card Calculator Software Should Have a User-Friendly Dashboard

time card calculator software should have a user friendly dashboard 1230

All the easy setup processes in the world won't make up for a difficult dashboard that employees hate. If your staff has to fumble through clicks, swipes, and slow software, you're no better off than you were with your old time card calculator. An intuitive and money-saving time card calculator will have a dashboard that everyone can understand. Even better if the time card calculator gamifies the clock in procedure, which improves employee engagement and gives a fun, light mood to starting or finishing the shift. Happy employees work faster, have a better work ethic, and tend to stay on task longer; it's no secret how that adds up to savings and improved employee engagement.

A Superior Time Card Calculator Offers Multilingual Support

a superior time card calculator offers multilingual support 1231

For companies that hire employees that speak multiple languages, a multilingual time clock calculator is a must. Bad communication can cost a business thousands or more a year. If you can avoid confusion and frustration over language barriers, all in the same time card calculator your English-speaking employees use, and at no additional cost, this is a no-brainer. It shouldn't cost you extra to make the clock in procedure fast and simple for all your employees, no matter their native tongue. Find an app that includes all the major languages, and you've just saved your business a ton of money, improved employee morale, and earned yourself some respect in the process.

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Preemptive Alerts From a Time Card Calculator Avoid Fines and Fees

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A time card calculator needs to do more than track employee time on the job. A few minutes extra each day for one employee can add up to unintentional overtime by the end of the week, and that's going to take a big bite out of your profits. If your time clock app doesn't give employees and management preemptive alerts to potential overtime, you might as well be throwing money down the garbage disposal. The same is true for labor rule breaches and the fines that come with them. Make sure your new attendance app comes with labor rule notifications for both adult and minor employees.

Real-Time Updates and Reports Prevent Payroll Problems

When you're able to view the real-time situation in your business, you can quickly handle any issues that arise. Who clocks in on time and who is late? Which employees are sneaking in extra minutes? Did someone try to ignore an alert? You'll know all of this and more with the real-time reports in a powerful time card calculator. Just try to get that kind of information from an old school time clock.

Mobile Access to Time Card Calculator Software Stops the Shift Pileup

Remember the first paragraph and how it talked about the shift-starting routine where everyone waits in line to find their card and punch in? Doing so can take some time if you have more than a few employees. Now, imagine that same shift-starting routine, but with mobile devices in every employee's hand. No more waiting in line, no more digging through the time cards looking for the right one. Your employees show up, use the app on their mobile device (or the tablet in the break room), and they're out on the floor. It's a matter of seconds to clock in with time card calculator software, not minutes, and in foodservice and retail, every second counts.

Time Card Calculator Software Gives Benefits Beyond the Bank Account

time card calculator software gives benefits beyond the bank account 1235

It's probably clear by now that time card calculator software can save your company money in a lot of different ways, and while some seem small, in the fast-paced world of foodservice and retail, every bit helps. In addition to the monetary savings, a time card calculator also opens the door for more app usage to help productivity and employee engagement, as technology brings a boost to your brand and reputation by showing everyone you're keeping up with the times. Whether you choose to start with a mobile time clock app or not, there are plenty of other affordable apps that can help lower your costs and improve your efficiency.

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