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cloud based time management software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Cloud-Based Time Management Software

Fast and easy online cloud-based time management software that makes it easier to handle disabled employees and staff. Try Zip Clock software now.

As most successful companies have now discovered, employees with disabilities have something special that is hard to find. For starters, these individuals are used to managing their own lives successfully, which happens to be quite difficult for most of them. In the process of learning how to cope with their not-so-easy lives, such persons acquire exceptional problem-solving skills, which is an asset any employer would love his or her employers to possess.

In addition to this, disabled employees are in a better position to understand disabled clients well enough to serve them extraordinarily, and this allows a business to build a good reputation amongst people with disabilities, hence allowing the business to reach out to a substantial market that is usually ignored by most companies.

Unlike what most employers believe, accommodating a disabled worker is not as expensive as it seems. There are even some tools that will allow disabled persons to work from home at times, with a good example being Zip Clock, cloud-based time management software or attendance software that allows employees to clock in and out of work at the comfort of their homes via their smartphones and other web-enabled devices.

Cloud Based Time-Management Software – Allowing Them to Work from Home

The truth is that most employees with a disability don't like being treated differently from other workers. But when a disability prevents an employee from performing well on-site, he or she should gently be encouraged to perform the job, or part of it, at home. While not all jobs can be performed off-site, working at home will provide more comfort and allow such employees to rest whenever they wish. As we have already seen, the Zip Clock cloud-based time clock will enable these workers to clock in and out of work just like the rest of the workers.

Cloud Based Time-Management Software – Making Them More Comfortable At Work

There are also ways to make a disabled worker more comfortable at work when the job in question cannot be performed off-site. For starters, the manager or supervisor can come up with flexible schedules or part-time assignments for such employees. Another way to make such workers more comfortable would be to set aside a private resting place in the office where the workers can take occasional rests to rejuvenate their energy. This, especially, would be helpful for cancer patients who often experience fatigue or weakness when undergoing treatment.

With attendance software like Zip Clock, employer's who are not ready to pay for the frequent breaks, especially the frequent meal breaks that might be necessary for a disabled or sick employee, need not worry about that because Zip Clock will enable such workers to clock out whenever they need a break. Zip Clock time clock management software will keep track of the number of hours and minutes such employees stay clocked in and thus allow them to get paid only for what they have worked for.

Making parking available that is close to the office and motorized wheelchairs or scooters for such workers can also help make things easier at the workplace for disabled workers.

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