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Common Hiring Mistakes Companies Make During The Process

common hiring mistakes companies make during the process
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Hiring Mistakes

You will be surprised to know that, "According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, two out of three new hires will disappoint you." and the rate of this employee turnover is something which always bite in the back of the company in terms of cost, time, growth and profit. It sets back the company in its growth as they invest lots of money and time to provide necessary resources, trainings, orientations and what not to the employee, only to lose them in the end. This thing can be saved only by hiring the right employee via going through a proper process.

If you observe closely then you will find that most of the employee problems occur due to the mistakes made at the time of hiring the employee. And this set back of employee turnover weakens the businesses for a very long tenure. Most of the people do not accept their mistake; however it results in a loss to the company only. So check out the below given few mistakes most of the companies does during the hiring process.


common hiring mistakes companies make during the process 1

Sitting at your seat with years of experience under your belt brings a certain kind of wisdom or instinct feeling. Checking the originality of the person does not require a certain degree it comes with experience and patience. Considering your position and experience it is expected you already have that so try to trust on it. Doesn't matter how good the resume is, take your time to understand the candidate during the hiring process before making your decision. Feel what your gut or intuition is trying to tell you and consider it for making the decision.

Background Checks

common hiring mistakes companies make during the process 2

Most of the MNCs carry out the process of background checks for some reason only. There are criminal checks, drug tests, credit checks, etc. but very few of them think about checking the references, past companies, education backgrounds, etc. Dig deep and make sure you cover every ground before bringing the candidate on the floor. It is noticed that many of the resumes are filled with lies. It's your duty as the business owner to uncover those lies and act on the results.

Personality versus Competency

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Conmen or women are also pretty confident and charming personality people, but that doesn't mean that they are competent for the job. So don't fall in the trap of the personality and look beyond the surface to get the real picture. Personality can be good for few weeks or months but in longer run it is the competency of the candidate which will bring productivity and profits to the company. So think before you hire.

Job Description

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There is no way to sugar coat the work needed to be assigned to the candidate. So don't do it. Be blunt and share all the relevant details of the work in the job description, So that when the time comes the candidate is well aware about what he has signed himself for. Omitting the details will only anger the candidate who will not think twice before leaving you in the middle of the task.

Have Patience

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Making hasty decisions is not the quality of a good Hiring manger. Be what you are and think patiently before signing the deal. Quick hiring can also lead to quick firing too. So take your time and make sure you are hiring the right candidate for the right job.

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