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Controlling Time Theft With and Without Zip Clock

controlling time theft with and without zip clock
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Controlling Employee Time Theft with Zip Clock

Without Zip Clock, time theft is a real concern. With less accountability, it is easy for employees to pad their timesheets, taking a little time here and a little time there. While it may only be minutes, it all adds up, seriously impacting the bottom line.

With Zip Clock, time theft can be controlled. Zip Clock is the easiest way to properly manage employee time keeping. Because it is automated, Zip Clock simplifies schedule enforcement and puts employers in the know.

See it all from the dashboard.

With the easy-to-use dashboard, employers can quickly see who is working, who is late, and who didn't show up. The colorful and intuitive dashboard puts employers back in control, from one screen. Not only can employers view what is going on from their dashboard, they can act on what they see, notifying employees if they are approaching overtime or need a break.


While Zip Clock does allow employees the freedom to clock in and out from their mobile devices, it uses geolocation software to make sure employees clocking in are actually onsite. No more calling a friend to clock in when an employee is running late. With this level of accountability, morale is boosted and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Once a new system is brought into the workplace, employees begin to notice the change, and will likely enjoy the structure and routine, welcoming the organization and ownership it provides.

Real Time Decision Making

Changes show up immediately. If an employee requests time off, or to swap a schedule, the manager can see this exchange and approve or disapprove of the request. Instead of employees making quiet scheduling deals behind closed doors, management can know who is working when, and can count on that data.

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