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Cooper Atkins | The Digital Bluetooth Thermometer Built for Zip HACCP

cooper atkins the digital bluetooth thermometer built for zip haccp
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Revolutionary food safety technology from an industry leader like Atkins

This article will serve as an introduction to the Cooper Atkins line of digital thermometers, a product line designed with specifically with compatibility for Zip HACCP in mind.

Unlike a majority of our posts, this article will be dealing directly with a product and brand that is designed to be fully compatible with our new app, Zip HACCP. We’ll explain a bit more about this compatibility and its assorted features in a little bit, but first, it only seems right to give some background about the app, and the product built to work hand-in-hand with it.


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So what is this unique, revolutionary restaurant management app I keep going on about? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s called Zip HACCP, and we’ve devoted other posts to it on the blog before. In short, the app is designed as a sort of “next evolution” of our classic app Zip Checklist. It retains all of Zip Checklist’s features while adding quite a few more. One of those features, which we’ll get into a bit more in just a little bit, involves synchronization to a Bluetooth thermometer to monitor important temperatures remotely. It is also perfect for the customization of checklists in a way that Zip Checklist wasn’t. That app still had customization features of its own, but not nearly on the scope that Zip HACCP does.

The other major benefit to Zip HACCP is the fact that the app updates itself in real time. That means that, when an employee marks that a task has been completed, everyone else with access to the app will see that the task is done. This, as we’ve discussed before, works wonders for productivity as well as motivation. It is also an excellent way to improve the sense of accountability among staff, as their ability to complete a task is not simply seen by them and those in the immediate area, but by the entire staff and administrative team.

Cooper Atkins

Enter Cooper Atkins electronics. Cooper Atkins is a very old company, having been founded back at the tail end of the 19th Century. Since then, they’ve been one of the leading manufacturers in time, temperature, and humidity measuring instruments. With an emphasis on food safety and safe food handling, the Cooper Atkins company has devoted time, energy, money, and plenty of research to improving the abilities of restaurants to meet these requirements as established by the FDA and HACCP regulations.

The company has also managed some very impressive revolutionary inventions over their lifespan. They were founded originally based on the invention of the first bimetal oven thermometer by namesake David Cooper, and have continued to revolutionize kitchen technology since. They’re also a company with a commitment to customer relations, striving to provide some of the best services in the industry.

Cooper Atkins’ current push in the market is a range of digital thermometers that can be synced to devices via Bluetooth connectivity. The range of potential that this has, especially within the food service industry, is profound and is part of the reason this article is being written in the first place. We’ll get into it a bit more in just a second, but the basic premise is that the opportunity has now opened itself up for much more freedom and productivity within a restaurant setting, especially among employees.

Cooper Atkins Blu 2 Probe and Zip HACCP

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Now that we’ve established the impact and relevance of both Zip HACCP and Cooper Atkins let’s take a closer look at a very specific product from Cooper Atkins and how it relates to the newest Hubworks app, Zip HACCP.

As we’ve mentioned, one of the most impressive features of Zip HACCP is its ability to connect via Bluetooth with a thermometer so that important temperatures can be monitored remotely through the app. This is incredibly useful for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that now chefs can begin cooking a piece of meat, set up the thermometer, and then proceed to do other things to help streamline their productivity without risking the over or undercooking of the meat.

This is great for productivity, as we said, but also helps to ensure that certain important FDA and HACCP rules and regulations for food temperature are followed, and the associated critical control points are complied with. We’ve discussed the importance of proper, safe food handling techniques, as well as sanitation and hygiene, in numerous other articles so that we won’t dwell too heavily on the subject here. Suffice it to say, though, that failure to comply with these guidelines can spell disaster for business, especially if a customer becomes seriously ill as a result of said failure.

How Does Cooper Atkins Fit Into All

So how does Cooper Atkins fit into all this? As you may have already guessed, they offer products that are fully compatible with Zip HACCP. One of these products, in particular, is the Blu 2 probe. This digital thermometer is pre-integrated with Zip HACCP to ensure all functions and reliability remain intact. The probe makes use of not just Bluetooth technology, but Bluetooth Low Energy technology that eliminates the often-cumbersome process of constantly needing to pair devices. Since the software in the probe is built to be compatible with Zip HACCP, there is no pairing process required.

What the probe does best is it syncs the temperature of an item with the Zip HACCP app in real time, constantly updating the read-out as the temperature fluctuates. As we mentioned before, this goes a long way in helping eliminate human error that can crop up in the kitchen when it comes to preparation of food, especially meats. It also means that the temperature can be monitored by anyone with access to the app, ensuring that if the chef, for example, is busy, then someone else can either alert them that the meat is cooked, so as not to overcook the meat and end up wasting it, or take care of the meat themselves if they’re qualified to do so.

There you have it: our primer on the Cooper Atkins Blu 2 on its compatibility with Zip HACCP. Hopefully, you’ve walked away from this with a better understanding of both the grade of technology we’re employing with Zip HACCP, and with the various benefits that it poses to your restaurant or food service business.

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