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Customers Want More - New Expectations You Must Meet Now

customers want more new expectations you must meet now
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Consumer Demands and Expectations

Every Year Customers Expect More From Your Business. How Can You Provide This For Them?

Consumer demands and expectations are rising fast – with an infinite number of options to choose from. Customers are no longer stuck with companies that don't satisfy their needs or don't provide service they want. We can thank or blame technology for this, but for every company, it means one thing - they should respond to customer reviews really fast and always be ready for changes. Those companies that don't respond quickly now, risk both with their reputation and customer loyalty. Learn about new expectations of your customers and how to meet them using the simplest tool available to managers and business operators – the remote task manager.

When Concepts Meet Reality

Every business owner does his best to meet new customer expectations – at least in a concept. Ask any entrepreneur about his customer policy and he will assure you that he does everything to satisfy his customers. According to recent Forrester research, more than 90% of leaders say that a good customer experience is their top priority and they usually leave the majority of their customers satisfied. But if this is true, who wrote all those negative reviews on Yelp?

The truth is that these ideas, concepts, and intentions look great on paper, but the actual implementation is always different. To make them work, start with learning about the latest expectations of your average customer. Then you can actually plan your next steps using simple yet powerful task manager tools such as Zip Checklist.

Expectation Number 1 - Personalization

Nowadays, customers crave more personalized experience, they want to get the answers fast, reach customer service in a matter of seconds, and find the things they want exactly where they expect to find them. So how an entrepreneur can create more personalized customer experience in this day and time? Here is an idea.

at the end of each day, try to have a look at customer requests, orders, and feedback. Choose one important problem that should be solved and using your remote task manager deliver those issues over to the proper department or person. With Zip Checklist, you can also create an important task and assign it to one of your employees online. As a result, one problem a day will be solved, and it's a special touch customer don't expect from companies nowadays.

Expectation Number 2 - More Options

Your customers want more personalized service but they also want to have different ways to interact with your company. Even though calling a company still remains the preferable way to interact with the business for the majority of consumers, the use of other channels has risen as well.

1 Chat – 43%
2 Communities online, Q&A, forums – 39%
3 Self-service – 18%

Expectation Number 3 - Keeping in Touch

Your customers expect you to put a little effort into your interactions. This means you should maintain constant contact with customers and the key here is to give them the right amount of information fast using the channels they prefer.

Expectation Number 4 - Knowledgeable and Experienced Front-Liners

Now, when people believe that should get what they want the minute they asked for it, you need to control your front-line service and sales pros constantly. Assign tasks to them online through your remote task manager, and contact each of them frequently when problems arise.

Monitor and track customer interaction with the company to find the channels that work best for you. When you thrive to make the process of customers contacting you easier and create more personalized experience for each of your customers, you simultaneously encourage them to stay with your company.

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