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Effectively Handle Hospitality Management with Zip Checklist

effectively handle hospitality management with zip checklist
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

How to Avoid Any Dips in Customer Service with Proper Hospitality Management

With so many moving parts, hospitality management can be difficult to manage. Luckily, Zip Checklist is available to ease the burden and increase the effectiveness of hospitality management.

A manager in the hospitality industry has several aspects of the business that they must be carefully monitored to assure quality service is provided to your guests. With working to ensure finances are balanced, staff are efficient and monitored, marketing is effective, customers are satisfied, and inventory is constantly stocked, it is no wonder that things occasionally slip out of mind and aren't properly taken care of. A manager's quality isn't in their memory, but their effectiveness in making sure the system runs correctly. Hospitality management checklists allow storage of needed tasks and information, with the ability to delegate to your staff when problems don't need to be taken care of personally. The Zip Checklist task management system takes a significant amount of memory and management responsibilities off your plate so you can focus on addressing any hospitality management problems to deliver quality to your customers.

Stay in Business

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The key to any business is staying in business, and that is no different in the hospitality industry. With most businesses, you can assume a steady revenue stream, but that is not the case with your business due to the typical high and low seasons of most hospitality establishments. These variances in revenue require efficient, long-term planning to make your costs and return balance and keep your business open. No matter how good you are at other tasks, you can't manage employees you don't have or a business that isn't open. With Zip Checklist, you can keep track of your expected revenue and whether or not you're meeting those targets. Money doesn't come in on its own, so keep careful watch over the bank account and make sure your business grows rather than stagnating.

To keep this revenue coming, you need to market efficiently. Getting your name out there is a huge part of getting customers in the door. Put your information where your audience is likely to be, such as airports, taxi cabs, or Uber drivers. Keep in mind your target audience, but also consider who else could benefit from your service. Think out of the box to get extraordinary results. For example, if you're managing a hotel, you should focus on companies as well as general audiences because companies make up a large part of travel. As a possibility, consider signing them to a long-term contract to give them lower rates for lodging while assuring you a long-term, dependable revenue stream. Or, if you're managing a restaurant, consider lunch deals for employees of businesses within walking distance. These sorts of ideas, as well as the proper execution of them, are what separates a good manager from a great manager when it comes to hospitality management.

Once you get customers in the door, it is the quality of service that counts. As a manager, you don't typically provide direct interaction with customers, so you control the quality of service through your staff. Employees decide your success with customers, so it is important to take the time to hire the correct ones through rigorous interviewing and training. Training is of particular importance, as you make sure to integrate your hires into the process of your businesses. This should be both initially and ongoing to ensure proper quality service in your organization. Additionally, use Zip Checklist to get proper accountability for your staff members. With the Zip Checklist app, you can check how well and quickly your employees handle their assigned tasks, monitoring both if they need your help and if you need theirs; which can be crucial when it comes to hospitality management. Using this information, find the staff members that are not acting up to company quality standards and inform them of disciplinary action. You don't want to fire someone for one mistake, but keeping the wrong people on for too long can cost your business through negative customer experiences and bad teamwork with the members of staff you want to keep working for you. With Zip Checklist, you will have the data to back up your actions to the fired employee and your superiors

Addressing Inventory

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Another key component of your business is inventory management. No matter what the particular company, hospitality businesses use a lot of products to care for customers properly. With Zip Checklist as your hospitality management system, a centralized inventory list can be kept and maintained, carefully updating when changes are made. Every relevant employee can be given access to this checklist to ensure they keep it up-to-date. You can then use this list to ensure proper, and needed orders provided to vendors, and you won't be understocked on any required items. If you are out of any necessary items due to improper inventory management, you will be unable to achieve your high-quality service for customers, ensuring they have bad experiences. Any time a customer has a bad experience, their negative word of mouth hurts your business, so make sure to address any complaints promptly as well as keeping your eye on inventory.

You can't ensure your customers get quality service if you aren't there to monitor quality procedures. As a manager, you should walk the premises often and make a note of any needed changes. If an employee mishandled a task, you can make a note of that through Zip Checklist and assign them a task to fix it without having to spend the time to track them down for a face-to-face interaction. If something is otherwise out of place or broken, you also use Zip Checklist to fix this, as you can remotely assign the task to fix it to the relevant staff member. If it is an important customer or safety issue, such as a malfunctioning elevator or a broken vase, you can mark the task as a priority to get their attention and ensure prompt completion.

Hospitality management is a difficult job that can only be helped with automated tasks and management services, such as Zip Checklist. Zip Checklist gives a comprehensive solution to employee task management through digital checklists that can be used to address all of the different problems you face as a manager.

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