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Electronic Time Clock Software

electronic time attendance clock software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Employee Time and Attendance Management System

Are you tired of spending your precious time keeping track of your employee time? Zip Clock electronic time clock for employees' offers you a smart, cost effective employee time and attendance management system while helping you save time and money!

Zip Clock electronic time clock for employees' is an accurate and efficient attendance tracking and management software for managers that need to track employee performance and attendance. The software can be used from any location Irrespective of the location of your employees thereby allowing you to monitor and track accurate employee attendance.

Our efficient time tracking works with biometric technology making use of a fingerprint authentication system which facilitates you to process payrolls and employee wages. The all in one package has been designed to help you manage your restaurant business in a much efficient manner and help you save thousands of dollars on operating costs that are caused due to human errors, employee time theft and excess overtime payment.

Zip Clock Electronic Time Clock Software

Easy and fast online Electronic punch clock system for employee and staff! Try ZIP clock software for free.

Employee time and attendance isn't just a critical component of human resource management, it lays the foundation of your business and helps you make smarter decisions. With Zip Clock electronic time clock software, keeping track of employee employee time and attendance will no longer be a tedious process.

Outdated time clock systems were not smart and efficient enough to work with evolving regulations and the needs of a diverse work environment. In addition to helping you keep track of employee time and attendance, the time tracking app allows you to;

Control labor costs Enhance employee productivity; and Ensure labor law compliance Management of employee shifts, and schedules Analyzing and reporting your labor force Improving employee time tracking and management

Easy Clocking Software- Built for your restaurant

Manage your workforce with a dynamic and efficient punch clock!

Imagine a time tracking software that could help you manage employee time and attendance, prompt you when a law violation is about to take place, and help you in payroll processing by verifying the number of hours worked. Zip Clock's time tracking app is brilliantly designed software that allows you to enjoy all these benefits with its smart and efficient punch clock for employees.

Beyond a shadow of doubt, the only way your restaurant business can operate efficiently is to smartly manage its human capital. While on one hand a proactive, smart and organized workforce can do wonders for your business, it can be your biggest nightmare if not managed efficiently on the other.

So what are you waiting for? Take your first step towards superior employee time and attendance management and say hello to success.

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