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Managing Employee Absenteeism – Absence Management Software

employee absence management software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Employee Absence Management Software

Our free online absence management software is employee time tracking software that makes it easier to manage employee work schedule time.

As a competent business manager or supervisor, there is a good chance that you already understand just how employee absenteeism affects a business, and it is therefore high time you considered implementing absence management software such as Zip Clock into your business.

When we talk of absenteeism, we are generally referring to any unscheduled absence from work. The truth is that some cases of absenteeism are genuine, but it is also true that some cases are not legitimate at all.

When this issue of employee absenteeism is left unaddressed, it eventually creates hidden costs, among other consequences, all of which can easily be avoided with an absence tracking software.

Absence Management Software – How Employee Absenteeism Can Affect Your Business

Below are some hidden costs that can be brought about by employee absenteeism-
Overtime wages when other employees have to work overtime so as to cover the unfinished work.
Lost productivity/output of the absentee.
Overall decreased employee productivity.
Client dissatisfaction.
Temporary workers expenses.

Absence Management Software – How Employee Absenteeism Can Affect Your Business

When the business in question happens to be small, tracking employee absenteeism may be done manually, but when the business happens to be larger, manual absenteeism tracking will not work well, and it is therefore imperative for such companies to implement an absence tracking software .

Zip Clock absence management software or absence tracking software has the ability or capability to keep track of all types of absences in the company or business, including vacation absences, sick uncertified absences, sick certified absences and schedule leave.

Seeing just how strongly employee absenteeism can impact a business, it is important for all business establishments out there to create an absenteeism policy and to make certain that all employees understand its contents clearly. However, such a policy can only work with an effective attendance tracking software like Zip Clock and other free time tracking software in the market today.

Absence Management Software – How Employee Absenteeism Can Affect Your Business

Zip Clock absence tracking software will benefit your business in the following ways-
Keeping a truthful count of all employee absences over a period of time.
Tabulating all absenteeism totals.
Calculating the hidden costs or financial impact of employee absences.
Detecting absence patterns.
Differentiating between all types of absences.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, inexcusable absences occur as a result of stress, burnout, job hunting, and low morale. Also, such absences tend to hurt service occupations most. Such services include food service, cleaning, healthcare, and so on.

To see how Zip Clock absence management software works, go to our site for a free trial. Don't worry about parting with your credit card details or any other payments details at this point. It is only after your free trial is over that you will be required to provide a payment option. Also, if it doesn't work out for your business, you don't have to pay for it, so there is really nothing to lose.

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