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10 Nearly Free Ways to Boost Employee Morale

10 nearly free ways to boost employee morale
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Boost Employee Morale

Whether you're trying to find more ways to boost employee morale among the ways you already implement, or you're looking for free gifts you can provide to your employees, there are a number of simple and effective ways to do each.

Businesses are changing more than they ever have in this day and time due to the effects of the economy and the growth of entrepreneurship.

Therefore, increasing the amount of employee satisfaction and employee morale at your business can go a long way towards creating better employees and higher levels of success and satisfaction among workers.

So consider these 10 nearly free ways to boost employee morale in your business. These tips are simpler than you think and many can be put in place immediately, or within a few weeks or months.

Think Outside the Inbox

think outside the inbox 1

Who doesn't hate coming into the office everyday to a full inbox? Consider that your employees may spend more time checking emails than they do being productive—which can hurt your business and prevent employees from reaching their potential.

So think outside the inbox and use more creative, live ways to communicate instead. Two of the top online programs that come most recommended among companies today are Slack and Trello. These online tools use real-time communication and can be used among two individuals or large groups of people.

Encourage Lunch Breaks

think outside the inbox 2

Lunch breaks have become more infrequent in society due to the high work demand most people face. And many people simply enjoy getting more done during the day.

Whatever the case, employees need to take lunch breaks, and not just to eat—although that is obviously important.

Studies have shown that individuals who take lunch breaks come back more refreshed after lunch and possibly accomplish more because their brain has had a break and their body has been replenished with fuel.

So start enforcing lunch breaks among your employees; this is one of the best inexpensive business gifts you can provide, which will also likely improve your business and employees satisfaction too.

Provide Paid Holidays

Paid holidays are rare, especially for individuals who are paid lower wages or minimum wage , however, even larger companies do not provide paid holidays for employees in this day and age.

While it may not seem like an inexpensive gift, a paid holiday is one of the best inexpensive gifts you can provide for employees. Not only does it improve employee morale, but it also encourages employees to feel more of a part of the company during the holiday season.

You can afford to provide paid holidays to employees so long as you schedule shifts appropriately and don't over staff.

Setting aside part of your business budget for paid holidays will also pay off over time as it increases employee morale and may encourage workers to work harder due to feeling more appreciated.

Remember and Celebrate Birthdays

think outside the inbox 3

You wouldn't want a company you spend most of your days at to forget your birthday most likely, so be sure you take note of your employees' birthdays and celebrate them as you wish. Even just a small card, a small gift card, or even telling them, "Happy Birthday," in person will go a long way towards increasing employee morale.

Many of these tips are also completely free and wonderfully inexpensive business gifts that keep on giving.

Hold Regular Team Meetings

think outside the inbox 4

Team meetings are an excellent way to boost employee morale and they are free business gifts that can help improve employee satisfaction and performance.

Even if small, regular team meetings can also increase workplace communication and can help the entire team get along better.

Discuss daily goals, ideas, and encourage employee suggestions or allow time for concerns regarding customers or business issues to be discussed.

Provide Regular Feedback

Regular feedback on the job is one of the best inexpensive business gifts that will change your business of all. Why so? Because all humans like positive feedback when a job well done was performed.

And, it can be a way to encourage better performance and higher levels of employee morale in the company.

Even constructive criticism in a controlled (private) setting can be an excellent gift for employees if it helps them out in the long-run. Remember, always stay positive and encourage your employees to be the best they can be on the job.

This will not only give them confidence, but it can also enhance their career skills and create better work habits too.

Be Sure a Vacation is in Order

think outside the inbox 5

Vacations are much like paid holidays; they are rarely given and one of the best inexpensive business gifts you can give.

Workers need time off and they need to be paid to take time off in order to come back refreshed and to feel more like a part of the company.

Enforce regular vacations among employees, especially if you don't currently offer them. If you do offer them, ask all employees to take a vacation; just be sure to schedule shifts accordingly and ask for vacation requests ahead of time.

Provide Corporate Discounts

This may not seem like an inexpensive business gift but in the grand scheme of things it truly is.

If you have a retail business or another business where discounts (or sponsorships) could be provided, be sure you offer this to employees as much as possible.

Many companies don't offer discounts at their company, yet it has been shown that employees who work in retail are more likely to stay if a discount or sponsorship program is given.

Discounts may also be a reason more people seek to work in retail positions, which may positively affect the company and the company's reputation in the economy over time.

Offer Scholarships

Scholarships for further education or career education enhancement courses may also be a business gift to offer in order to increase employee morale. By using the company's funds set aside for charitable donations (which are usually always tax deductible), you can easily increase employee morale and encourage the intellectual growth of employees.

Many employees may also not be able to go back to school on their own or even with their salary, yet they may work harder at a company who offers them the opportunity to do so through a scholarship program.

Celebrate Company Anniversaries

think outside the inbox 6

Finally, celebrate your employees' anniversaries—always. A year is a great place to start, and a simple card or small gift card can go a long way towards showing your appreciation for the one-year mark.

On five (and especially ten-year and beyond anniversaries), be sure to offer larger gifts such an extra paid vacation or something similar.

Celebrating company anniversaries is an easy way to boost employee morale which will also provide you with a happier group of employees. This may enhance your business over time and is great for the company's business reputation.

Other Ideas

More ideas to boost employee morale that are nearly free include offering yoga classes to the company, providing a discount to a workout facility nearby, promoting positivity among workers, using apps to enhance the business experience, and employing more effective human resource management tools.

Whatever type of inexpensive gift you choose to give employees, they can greatly increase the company's success throughout the years and also provide workers with an enhanced career experience.

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