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3 Reasons A Work Schedule App Protects You From Labor Violations

3 reasons a work schedule app protects you from labor violations
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

How to protect Work Schedule App

work schedule app for labor law violations

If you already own or manage a bar and food business, or you are thinking of venturing into the sector, you must always keep the labor laws of your state at your fingertips or you will soon be parting with hefty fines, or worse, end up in jail. If you already have a work schedule app from Zip Schedules, you don't have to worry about violating the rights of your employees because the application or software takes such laws into consideration every time you make a new schedule. This means that our work schedule app will let you know if you are violating any laws, such as shift scheduling too many hours to an employee, or making them start too early.

According to research studies, some of the most abused employees come from the bar and food sector. The same studies show that most lawsuits directed at restaurant owners involve wages and hours. Such lawsuits tend to damage the reputation of the establishment involved. And this eventually undermines the success of the business. It is therefore important to get yourself acquainted with the laws of your state and our work schedule app will help you to stick to them effortlessly.

3 Ways a Work Schedule App Controls Labor Violations

While it is true that employee's laws vary from state to state, some of the common laws you should never ignore include the following -

1. Minimum wage – All states have a minimum wage and by paying less, you will have violated a serious wage law. This is regardless of whether an employee has agreed to a lesser rate or not. In addition, employers must not claim or use any tip earned by the employee. With a work schedule app, it will be easy for you to avoid such mistakes.

2. Employees must be paid for every hour worked – Most, if not all states, have a law that requires all restaurant employers to pay for every hour worked. This includes any hours spent in training workshops, side-work, or any other activity related to work.

3. Overtime – Another common law states that all employees must be paid for overtime work. This means that you should either make sure you have enough employees to ensure that no one works overtime, or that you must be prepared to pay overtime. To make sure that you are always on top of the game, invest in a work schedule app and it will be very easy to do so.

To see how such applications work, you don't have to download any software, just go to Zip Schedules and follow the instructions given to create a scheduling site for your restaurant. When creating a schedule, you will be presented with an option to select the labor laws that apply to your employees and you will be allowed to use the tool for a free trial period.

In addition, you won't be required to part with any payment details at this point. It is only after your free trial period ends that you will be asked to add a payment method, and your work schedule app will continue to be available to you and to your employees.

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