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Employee Monitoring

employee scheduling and time punch clock software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Employee Scheduling and Time Puch Clock Software

Are you looking for a simple and affordable way to control and monitor employee compliance with work schedules? Look no further. Download your free trial from Zip Clock and manage your employees in a more organized and efficient manner.

If you are having a hard time recording hours on spreadsheets, paper or an outdated employee punch clock and spend hours pulling together employee pay data and time together to make payrolls, take heart.

With Zip Clock's easy and fast online scheduling and time clock software management system, you will know exactly when, what and where employees are working on. And that's not it! It will help you save dollars in money by prompting managers before any violations in labor law occur, allowing you to be proactive rather than reactive to changing conditions.

Zip Clock – The Most Efficient Employee Punch Clock Software

Try Zip Clock Software for free!
You can download your free trial today from www.zipclock.com and discover all that this amazing software has to offer. You can access this software from just about anywhere using any device, tablet, desktop or your smart phone.

Using Zip Clock is incredibly simple. The software is cloud based and you would not have to download any bulky software. A URL is all that is needed to take you to the operations website of your organization.

A login and password is all that is needed. The following steps needs to be followed after you login for the first time. Follow the instructions given by the set up wizard as it takes you step by step through the steps needed to set up your website.

The set up wizard will ask you to select the labor laws that you would like to enforce, input few jobs such as cashier, cook etc. and type in the name of your employees and that's it. You are all set to begin enforcing employee schedules.

And if you set up and configure Zip Schedules for the same website, you can see instant results. Integrating Zip Clock and Zip Schedules will help you track actual performance of your employees against the schedule.

Employee Punch Clock – Simple, Efficient and Effective Time Clock Software

Easy and fast Online Employee scheduling and time clock software management system! Try ZIP clock software free for 30 days!

Unlike other employee scheduling and time clock software , Zip Clock not only offers a simple and easy to use time tracking system, it also offers links to Zip Schedules including the latest and most incredibly powerful team communications center in the industry.

Zip Clock's efficient employee punch clock facilitates punch management where you'll be able to finalize payroll by reviewing, editing and approving all punches for a given week. Punch Management is where you can finalize payroll by reviewing, editing and approving all punches for a given week. Furthermore, it will also allow you to review, edit and approve a punch, thereby helping you manage your employees in the best possible manner.

Don't wait any longer. Download your free trial today and see what this amazing free employee monitoring software can do for you!

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