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Time Clock Machine and Management Software

employee time clock machine and management software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Time Clock Machine Software

Zip Clock time clock software is a simple, cost effective and efficient way for business owners to keep track of their employee time and attendance. The software helps businesses save money by prompting then before labor law violations occur, and allowing them to be proactive instead of reactive to changing conditions.

Zip Clock Time Clock Machine and Management Software

Because your Restaurant Needs Zip Clock Time Clock Management!
Zip Clock is a web based attendance system that can be accessed from just about anywhere. Let's have a look at some features of Zip Clock's efficient time clock machine and management software.

Easy Clock in and Clock Out

While clocking in and out is a very simple process, it can become challenging in busy work environments. With Zip Clock, clocking in becomes a simple process as employees can clock in through a wall mounted tablet, from their workstations or using their mobile devices that makes use of geo location positioning to make sure they are where they're supposed to be when they clock in.

Once an employee clocks in, the Clock in button is converted into a countdown clock which displays the number of hours an employee has been clocked in. Similarly, when an employee clocks out on break, the clock changes again and automatically displays how many minutes are left before the employee should get back to work.

Compliance with Labor Law

Irrespective of the nature and size of a business, compliance to labor laws can be very challenging. Labor law violations can cost your business big dollars, making it an exceptionally painful process. With Zip Clock's efficient time management software , you can eliminate this pain and ensure compliance. By proactively notifying managers and supervisors when an employee is about to breach a law, the time management software allows you to better manage your employees. This way you can eliminate breaches and hefty fines due to these violations.

Efficient Punch Management

Often it happens that an employee goes straight to work and forgets to clock themselves in or leave without clocking themselves out at the end of the day. With Zip Clock's efficient time clock management, managers can decide if they want to allow employees to edit their previous punches within the current payroll period thereby promoting accurate employee time tracking.

Easy and Flexible Work Scheduling

Zip Clock time clock machine facilitates you to make quick replacements if an employee doesn't show up for work. To make the process simple, the Shift Management screen displays all the information that is needed by managers to find the right replacement quickly, within minutes.

On the screen you'll be able to see the information of all employees along with their weekly hours, their phone numbers and projected overtime hours. And that's not it! By clicking on their name, you can view their schedule for the week.

Meaningful Reporting

Using Zip Clock's meaningful reporting; you can improve your process efficiencies and improve the overall productivity of your organization. You can create the reports in CSV format and import to other software or print these reports to PDF format.

Hourly report – Using hourly report, you can compare actual employee hours and labor costs against their scheduled hours and costs for the day.
Payroll report – To make sure your payroll system uses correct information, you can review daily hours for all employees every week.
Employee Performance Report – By analyzing employee performance reports you can track employee performance against the schedule and improve the productivity of your organization.

Don't wait any longer. Get your free trial today and enjoy the benefits of our innovative, efficient and affordable time clock manager.

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