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Time Management App

employee time management app
Daphne Blake-

By Daphne Blake-

Employee Time Management App

Looking for the best time management app ? Look no further!

Time management in the workplace is one of the most critical elements of managing a business. And it is quite surprising that there are a number of employees who either do not understand the importance of time management or avoid it altogether. Moreover, it becomes extremely difficult for project managers to manage time and schedule of their employees effectively making intelligent use of resources.

Time Management App – For all your Employee Time Management needs!
Best Online Time Management App!

If you're a manager looking for a time management app for employee time and attendance tracking, look no further. With Zip Clock's especially designed time management free app, you'll be able to manage your employee attendance and time in a simple and straightforward manner.

Want to know how it works? Let's have a look at some features of Zip Clock's time management app.

With Zip Clock's Dashboard, view all your employee time schedule statuses in one place

With Zip Clock's intelligent dashboard, you'll be able to view the schedule status of your staff all in one place. The dashboard will also allow you to see upcoming shifts, who's about to clock in, who's about to end their shift, employees who are currently on break and other important information.

With Zip Clock's time management app, eliminate any blockages in your processes

If the nature of your business is fast paced, employee clocking in and out can cause disturbance especially during shift changes. With Zip Clock, time management app your employees will be able to clock themselves in and out from their mobile devices, or a wall-mounted Standalone Clock. The intelligent time management app makes use of geo location positioning in order to ensure they are onsite. This organizes and streamlines operations within your business so that your staff can arrive – all set to begin their work.

With Zip Clock's Punch Management, assess, edit and approve all punches

There are cases when employees forget to clock themselves in and go straight to work without clocking themselves in. If you're a manager managing employee schedules and time, Zip Clock will help you make a decision whether or not you want to give permission to your employees to make any amends in their previous punches within the current payroll period. It goes without saying that all edits are subject to the approval of the supervisor and/or manager.

With Zip Clock's Time Management App and Shift Time Management Feature, find Shift Replacements in seconds.

Zip Clock's efficient time management software allows you to quickly and easily replace shifts. The intelligently designed app simplifies the decision making process by displaying a shift management screen. The screen displays everything that's required by a project manager to find the right replacement within seconds. From their weekly work hours to their projected hours, the screen will display all the information you need to replace shifts in an emergency situation.

In addition, you'll be able to maintain store integrity and avoid any unexpected labor costs that could arise as a result of employees working the system. With Zip Clock's brilliant time management clock , staff can clock in using a pin number or biometric reader thereby eliminating time theft and buddy punching.

With Zip Clock's Android and iPhone Apps, enforce schedules while on the go!

With Zip Clock's Android and iPhone apps , you'll be able to view real time information about your website such a daily statistics of your store, missing employees and upcoming shifts. In simple words, you'll be able to control and monitor your site from any smartphone or tablet.

Don't wait any longer. Get your 30 day free trial today and begin managing your business effectively!

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