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3 Tips on How to Manage Employee Vacation Requests

employee vacation request management clock software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Employee Vacation Request Management Software

Studies show that it is during the last 2 months of the year that families organize trips and holidays in order to spend time with each other or with friends. It is also during this time of the year that employers and managers get bombarded or flooded with vacation requests. Unfortunately, as much as employers would love for their employees to spend time with their families, it would be impossible to grant each and every vacation request.
If you are a business owner or manager, the following tips on how to handle or manage employee vacation requests will definitely come in handy-

Implement a Vacation Policy

Evidently, it would be impracticable to grant a vacation request as soon as it has been presented to you, unless it involves an emergency. You will need plenty of notice in order to identify the right person to cover the shifts involved. Bearing this in mind, implementing a clear-cut or straightforward policy where employees are required to give reasonable notices is of paramount importance.

Another idea would be to implement a policy or program that forbids all employees from requesting time off during the holidays or during the busiest time of the year. To maintain positive employee morale, explain to your employees why the policy is important and let them know the right timeframes to request time off.

Web-Based Time-Tracking

Introducing web-based time tracking system to the business can help you to avoid an overlap of vacation requests. Web-based time-tracking involves using a web time clock or time clock software which allows your employees to log in and out of work via an internet-enabled device, such as a mobile phone or a laptop.

With such software, your employees will be able to view the vacation requests that have already been granted and those that are pending, and therefore decide whether requesting a vacation at that particular time is in order or not.

In addition, with such software, employees on vacation can check the vacation time they have already accrued from wherever they are in the world. To do so, they will need their web clock login details, such as username and password, and of course, an internet-enabled device.

Scheduling Vacations

Talking to your employees at the beginning of the year regarding the time they intend to take vacations, and for how long, will give you an overview of who will be gone at a particular time, and who will be available. Armed with such information, you will be able to schedule all vacations ahead of time. Such a schedule should be handed out to the employees, or posted to their emails as soon as possible to allow any issues to be addressed early enough.

All this can easily be accomplished with a scheduling app , which will enable your employees to view the schedule from their internet-enabled devices as soon as you are done. Just like a web clock login details will be necessary for the employees to access your schedules.

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