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The Employee Work Schedule

the employee work schedule
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Employee Work Schedule Template

employee work schedule

Everything you always wanted to know about creating an employee work schedule but were too afraid to ask.

Creating an employee work schedule or a work calendar that will satisfy all team members is almost an impossible task. It doesn't matter how many sleepless nights you spend over the schedule, you can bet that a few staff will still be unhappy or disappointed about their assigned shifts.

In spite of this, it is still possible to create workable employee/staff schedules, and we are going to see how.

Employee Work Schedule – Understanding Labor Laws

The first thing you should do before creating an employee work schedule is to familiarize yourself with the employment laws of your state. For example, how many hours is a worker supposed to work in a single day? What are the overtime benefits and how are they supposed to be calculated?

By making a staff calendar without considering labor rules, you might break some of these laws unknowingly, and this will lead to hefty fines and possible imprisonment. Also, if your business establishment becomes famous for abusing employee rights, no one will be willing to be associated with you, and this includes clients and employees as well. Talk to a lawyer if you have to, but make sure you understand these laws first.

Employee Work Schedule – Determining the Number of Employees Needed

After you have understood what the law requires clearly, find out how many workers the business needs to comfortably cover all shifts through the week. This will obviously vary according to the kind of business you operate. If you are in the restaurant business, you will probably need to have available workers during weekends and holidays as well.

Employee Work Schedule – Creating a Chart

Create a chart that represents your staff schedule. Your chart should include empty shifts, or gaps of time which need to be filled with workers. Fill in the empty gaps or blocks in your chart with the names of your employees. Make sure you don't under-schedule or over-schedule anyone. You can either use pen and paper to create such a chart, or you can use a special online scheduling tool to make everything easy and fast.

Employee Work Schedule – Considering Holidays and Vacations

As you create your employee work schedule , remember to cover holidays and vacations. Make sure you consider what the labor laws of your state have to say about holidays and vacations.

Maintaining your staff schedule will be easy if employee availability doesn't change each week. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Emergencies will occur and employees will be unable to report to work when they are supposed to.

But with a scheduler, it will be possible to create an emergency schedule within minutes. A good scheduler, such as Zip Schedules, will also enable you to choose and enforce the labor laws that apply to your state. This way, abusing the rights of your employees becomes next to impossible. To start using Zip Schedules, go to our website and take advantage of our free trial. Our "start up wizard" will guide you into creating your employee work schedule in matter of minutes.

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