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Time Tracker Software and Mobile App for Employees

employees time tracking software mobile app
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Human Resource Management Software and App

Human capital management is one of the most demanding and challenging aspects of running a successful organization. Simple errors in time management and staff planning can be detrimental, even deadly for your organization; however, these mistakes are surprisingly very common.

With Zip Clock's time tracking system , you'll not only be able to track employee time but also make sure they are sticking to their schedules. The countdown timer will let you know when a labor breach is about to take place so that you can take necessary action before any law violation occurs.

Let's have an in-depth look at what this intelligently designed time tracking system has to offer.

Zip Clock Time Tracking App- Employee Time Tracking has never been this easy!

The time tracking app is not only simple and easy to use, but also offers a powerful time tracking system to track employee time and attendance.

Zip Clock offers a smart and efficient way to manage employee time and attendance. This intelligently designed time tracking software allows your employees to clock in through a time clock. Once an employee clocks in, the Clock in button converts into a countdown clock that displays total minutes and hours an employee has been clocked in. Similarly, when an employee clocks out on break, the time clock changes again to display how many minutes are left before the employee must return.

And that's not it. Managers can monitor the clock status of employees from Zip Clock's free mobile app and effectively manage the cost of labor with mobile alerts when there is a labor law violation. Furthermore, with Zip Clock's performance reporting tools, managers can keep track of employee performance over a given time period with respect to schedule and labor law violations.

Let's have a look at how Zip Clock's time tracking app helps you manage your employees in a much better and more efficient manner.

The software suggests breaks or clock outs with automated reminders.
Allows accurate timekeeping with supervisor/manager approval for all punch manipulations.
The real time dashboard ensures that employees are sticking to their schedules.
Helps measure employee performance through advanced reports.
And since Zip Clock is a web application, it can be easily accessed from any device connected to the web. There's no special clock device to purchase, keeping employer costs down and allowing deployment in minutes, not days.

Time Tracking - Track Employees at Multiple Locations

And if you need to track your employees at multiple locations, do not worry. Zip Clock's mobile clock in/out is perfect for your organization. With Zip Clock's geo-positioning, you can track your employees when they clock in from a different location through a mobile device and be assured that they are present on the job site when they clock in/clock out.

Needless to say, an automated time and attendance system that meets the unique needs of your organization can help eradicate the negative aspects of incorrect timekeeping and help you save billions of dollars in lost time.

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